Latkes with sour cream and applesauce…

It’s the day before the first night of Hanukkah, which means it’s time to start the latkes.  Yes, that’s right! Time to start the latkes.

We make a big batch, because we also like having them on hand to warm all week; like at breakfast with a fried egg on top or after school topped with pasta sauce and cheese.  You get the idea.  These are my basic potato latkes, but you can also use sweet potatoes, zucchini, spaghetti squash, and more.  I really don’t follow any recipe except adding what I want.

If making basic traditional latkes with russet potatoes, I use 1 potato per person as a guide and  this is how I start:


  • Prepare a very large bowl 1/2 full with ice water.  I use my bread bowl,  because it fits nicely in my frig.  Everyone up north can just put it in the garage or outside!
  • Hand grate or grate 1 potato per person in the Cuisinart.
  • After you grate 2-3 potatoes, place in a colander and press to drain the water out.
  • Place grated potatoes in the ice water bowl, making sure you add water and ice as needed to keep the potatoes covered.
  • Keep grating until you have the desired amount in your ice water.
  • Drain the ice water from the potatoes and refill.  I repeat this 3-4 times a day for at least 24 hours prior to making the latkes.  This will not only keep them from browning, but will make super crisp and yummy latkes.  And, above al,l saves the grating mess from happening in the middle of everything else.


  • Drain potatoes very well.  If you have the time, lay out on a towel to dry out.  Place back in the bowl and add one of the following for every 2 potatoes you grated:
    • 1 grated onion
    • 1 extra large egg
    • 2 tablespoons binder – flour, matzo flour, rice flour, or pick your favorite
    • Salt and pepper to taste
    • This is where you can also add what you would like.  I sometimes add spinach, parsley, or other seasonings like garlic.
  • Fry in oil only turning when the side is nice and crisp.  I use canola.
  • Serve with applesauce and sour cream.