Dana Zucker

Meet the Cook, Dana Zucker!

Welcome to LifeDoneWell.today! I am Dana Zucker, a home cook who does things my way. I hope you will find inspiration from the recipes I create to make them work for you and yours. In my kitchen, I make breakfast, pack lunches, prepare snacks, and cook dinner. During the week, we eat real food that is homemade, organic, and local. On the weekends we do explore more of our local restaurants.

I bake my own bread, juice fresh oranges every other day, and make my own kombucha and other weekly favorites. I balance making delicious foods with the reality of a busy schedule. We do eat out and I do cheat with some pre-made foods, too. The only thing I ask as you read my ideas, thoughts, and recipes is that you read others. Read cookbooks, talk to everyone (including your mother-in-law), and come up with a way to cook that fits your life. It’s what I do and what makes me happy.