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An Array of Fabulous Finds to Love

Wow, it is June and I am just getting around to putting all my Fabulous Finds together. I am so excited about these finds, because they are a true array of products. But, I had to wait until I read, ate, and whatnot with them all before I could share and give you my full report. June has been all about learning, expanding my knowledge…

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Favorite Online Shopping Sites for Gifts Today and Beyond

Who doesn’t love getting gifts? And with the current COVID 19 tragedy and staying at home so much, we could all use anything to cheer us up. This means gifts are more important than ever. Plus, we still have birthdays, anniversaries, graduations…to celebrate. Hopefully, you read our favorite online shopping sites for basics. Now, we’re back with our favorite sites for gifts.  I love to…

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Favorite Online Shopping Sites for Basics Today and Beyond

We’re told to shelter in place. We’re told to limit our time at the market. And we’re told you can find what you need. Well, honestly, long before shelter in place became a thing, we had our favorite online shopping sites for basics for a few reasons. First, we live in the country. This means our choices are limited and the distance we have to…

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Fabulous Finds for Everyday Use

Over the last few months, I’ve found a few products that I can’t live without. They have turned out to be so amazing that I just can’t keep them to myself. There’s something for everyone, including your pet who will be so grateful! I hope you enjoy these Fabulous Finds for Everyday Use as much as I do! Fabulous Finds for Everyday Use One Step…

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fabulous finds for the garden
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Fabulous Finds for the Garden

Starting a garden is hard work. There are a million different variables to consider even before you plant your seeds. And after planting, there is a whole slew of other questions to consider regarding cultivating and maintaining the health of your plants. But with these fabulous finds for the garden, life got a whole lot easier. With that being said, there is a side of gardening…

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sustainable shoe brands like allbirds
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Fabulous Finds: Sustainable Shoe Brands We Love

By now, LifeDoneWell readers know how much I focus on sustainable living. But one piece of this complex puzzle that I haven’t yet shared with you is footwear. Since fashion is a huge part of our rapidly overflowing landfill problem, it makes a lot of sense to examine our choice of shoes through a green lens. So, I’ve rounded up my favorite sustainable shoe brands…

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Fabulous Finds from bambu for a Sustainable Lifestyle

It’s no surprise that I love organic and sustainable products. After all, it’s up to all of us to be good stewards of our planet for future generations. So, for this week’s Fabulous Finds, I’m highlighting some great products from bambu that make it easy to live more sustainably in our hectic lives. Portland, Oregon based bambu focuses on making beautifully modern, affordable, and earth-friendly…

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