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what are some different ways to make breakfast bowls
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Easy to Make Smoothie Bowls Put Some Fun In Breakfast

We’ve all seen stunning, colorful photos of smoothie bowls online and wondered…“How do they do that?” Well, I decided to find out. I started to experiment to see just how easy it is to recreate these bowls at home. Not only did I find out I could, but I learned there’s more to a smoothie bowl than just good looks. They not only are filled with…

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what are some kitchen remodel tips to keep you sane
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Tips for Starting a Kitchen Remodel to Keep You Sane

I recently did a kitchen remodel and if you’ve been through it, I’m sure you’re sympathizing with me right now. The only other remodel I’ve done was a bathroom many years ago and you really can’t compare the two. I honestly thought it would just involve pulling out the old cabinets, appliances, and fixtures and putting in the new, but how wrong and naive I…

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Tuanis Chocolate Costa Rica: Organic Heaven

Especially during the holidays, my guess is most of us enjoy chocolate in one form or another. From candy to desserts of all sorts to our favorite holiday cookies, it’s all good. For those of us who try to eat organic, responsibly sourced foods, it can be difficult to find our beloved chocolate using those criteria. That, my friend, is a thing of the past….

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What’s In A Triathlete’s Whole Food Freezer?

My freezer is a special place in our whole food life. It is used for several different purposes; from making the perfect dessert to preserving fruits and veggies at the peak of season. In the early fall, my extra freezer is jam packed, but when late winter comes, Sherry WernickeSherry is one of the TriWivesClub’s founders. She is also a contributor at TravelingMom & Challenge…

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UPDATE 2/15/16: Our Valentine’s Day raffle is closed and we are pleased to announce the two winners of the $75 American Express Gift Cards. Big congratulations go to Courtnie and Erica who found us through Instagram and Twitter! Enjoy your cards… If there are 2 things we love ALMOST as much as our triathletes, it’s wine and chocolate. Add travel to the mix, and well,…

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We had plans to head out for dinner over the weekend, but hubby’s bike ride ran longer due to a Computrainer issue.  So, he nicely asked if I mind staying in….Well, what could I say.  He did ask nicely.  So, I pulled a pound of shrimp out of the freezer to defrost, cancelled our plans, and prepared one of my 30 Minute Healthy Dinners recipes…

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I love to hear the back stories of products.  When I heard the Maddy and Alex story, I got very intrigued and had to try their products.  As undergrads at the University of Denver, they decided to start a health food company, because they believe that everyone should have access to healthy food.  While they wanted to have great products, they also wanted to make…

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So my kids are those kids; they never buy school lunches, but carry their own. They always have a variety in their lunch bags, use real forks and recyclable containers, including glass, and a real napkin. Yea, their friends always made smart comments, until they beame super jealous. (Did I mention they have made it all the way to their senior year in high school…

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