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The Good, The Bad, & The Sweaty – Sherry’s Story

Moving from LA to the east coast in 1997, my once hard-bodied man turned into a workaholic couch potato; snowstorms did not help the cause.  As you can imagine, this meant putting on the pounds.  It finally took seeing that “huge ass” (his words not mine) in one too many pictures to bring about change.  It started with joining a gym and progressed to signing…

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When the TriWivesClub began in 2013, we were three – Dana, Jodi, and Sherry – wives of triathletes.  However, we became two when Jodi had to step back earlier this year due to her full-time job!  While she is still a huge part of hearts and always will be and still contributes when she can, Dana and I have had to carry on ourselves. For…

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