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how triathlons can make you better parents
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What You Need To Tell Your Kids About Being A Triathlete

When you’ve decided to get involved in the world of triathlons, you AND your family have to adopt the lifestyle that goes along with it. If you have children, they will not be immune to the effects and should be told what their parent being a triathlete will mean to their lives. They will not be happy if they are expecting you at every soccer…

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traveling to triathlons with kids in tow
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There are so many triathlons all over the world and most in really cool places, making it incredibly tough to choose. But, the truth is, you need to think twice before registering if you’re going to be traveling with the kids in tow. Of course, there are a few basic things to keep in mind when deciding if the location is right for your family,…

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My First Triathlon – Now When Do We Go Again?

One of our readers, Anna Vlasova Barney, had her first experience as a spectator this summer at Ironman 70.3 Timberman in Gilford, NH.  She was so excited and wanted to share her experience with all of you.  Since this day is a distant memory for all of us, we thought it might be nice to have a refresher course on what it’s like to be…

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tips for planning a triathlon race season
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A Triathlon Lifestyle Is a Family Lifestyle

There are many types of triathlon families; no kids, young kids, grown kids, the extended family, friends – you get the picture. But the one constant – it is a “family” affair. From training, finances, races, food, travel, and beyond, a triathlon lifestyle requires a buy-in from the whole support team. Here are a few questions for you to consider as you dive into or move…

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