Training season for a triathlon family can be nuts to say the least and very triathlete centered! Over the years, we’ve learned that in order to keep the peace in the family, there are just some things you never ask your triathlete during this time. We know the response won’t be what we’re hoping to hear, so what’s the use. Plus, it will probably be irritating to your triathlete. No sense in rocking that boat! But, hey, when the intense training is over….

Now, the season can be long, so you might take this as the 12 weeks before the “A” race of the season. We’ve adjusted a bit over time, but still never ask the following questions even though we really, really want to!

a triathlete in training season

10 Questions Never To Ask A Triathlete In Training Season

  1. Can you skip your Saturday ride or switch your schedule to go shopping with me?
  2. Do you think you can train at a 10 minute mile so I can run with you?
  3. Have you put on a little weight lately?
  4. Do you really have to take a nap on a Saturday afternoon?
  5. I’m trying to declutter. Can we sort through all of this “stuff” and get rid of what you don’t need?
  6. Can you take the kids to the pool with you when you go for your swim and keep an eye on them?
  7. What do you think about having everyone over Saturday night for a party?
  8. Do you really need another pair of running shoes?
  9. I forgot to order your Osmo. Can you make do with something else over the weekend?
  10. Would it kill you to ask Steve to go for a bike ride with you? He’d love to do a triathlon one day and would like you to give him some tips to get better on the bike.

Okay, we know you can add to this list. Ready – GO!