My husband and I recently took on the huge responsibility of a new puppy.  We lost one of our dogs in March and debated whether to get an older dog or a puppy; me wanting the older and him the puppy, because he’d be gone all day and I’d be doing all the work.  But, when I saw this face on, that was it.  He was on the phone and she was part of our family a week later.



I have to say she has been an utter joy with sweetness to spare.  Even my 12 year old male is starting to find her less annoying.  I was working on another article when I just stopped and watched her for a while. In the span of 10 minutes, I was amazed at the behaviors she exhibited and along with past observations, was quickly able to translate these into life lessons.

18 Life Lessons My Puppy Was Kind Enough To Share With Me 

Live Life With Wide-Eyed Wonder

Everything is brand new to her.  She jumps at bugs, stares up at planes and birds in the sky, can stand at a tree waiting for that squirrel to come down much longer than I want her to, listens to all noises, will try anything once…She is constantly looking down, up, and all around.  I truly need to appreciate this wonderful world around me like her and not take a bit of it for granted.

Play With Abandon

Why play with one toy when you can play with 4?  Don’t fear being goofy.  It’s time to be a little less serious about everything.


Chase Things You Want Even Though You May Never Catch Them

I watched her chase a leaf down the driveway that kept blowing ahead of her and she never caught.  But, she kept at it until it blew over the fence and was totally out of her reach.  Then, she totally forgot about it and went on to something else…

Don’t Be Shy

She constantly goes up to other dogs and people and wiggles that cute butt of hers.  Well, I probably won’t be quite that bold, but I can say hi.  Seriously, what have I got to lose.

Embrace The Puppy Crazies

Every once in a while you just have to let lose and be yourself!

Don’t Take No For An Answer

Even if the big people say NO, keep at it.  You’ll either wear them down or you’ll agree that you probably shouldn’t do it after all…

Kisses Go A Long Way To Saying You’re Sorry

And, they should be slurpy, wet ones to be even more effective, because they will make the recipient laugh.

Curl Up Next To The One You Love & Savor The Moment

Being next to the one you love brings great comfort.  Snuggling is a good thing…


Explore The New World, But Find Comfort In Your Own Back Yard

She loves to go for a walk outside her fenced back yard and smell and explore the world beyond, but if something scares her, she runs home as quick as those paws will carry her.  She seeks out the safety of her brother.  It’s nice to know you have a safe place to return to where the rest of the world goes away.

Yes, It Is All About Me

According to my puppy, it is definitely a “me me” puppy-centric world.  She has yet to grasp the concept that stepping on her brother’s head could actually hurt and that someone other than her can have some attention.  I’m not sure there’s a lesson for me here, but this is a huge part of her “charm” right now.

Naps Are Your Friend

Sometimes you just need to put your head down for a few minutes to rejuvenate.  Nothing wrong with that.


When You’re Happy Let It Show

Wiggle that butt, jump up and down, do that happy dance…Let your feelings of happiness show.  It can be contagious.

Don’t Be Overly Sensitive

People will yell at you for things you do and some people will ignore you, despite how utterly cute you are.  But, just brush it off and move on.  Don’t let their criticism, bad behavior, whatever, ruin your day!

The Eyes Say It All 

The term “puppy dog eyes” was created for some reason…Use them to your advantage.


Use All Your Senses

Why just smell when you can also taste, touch, feel, and hear.  Again, take life all in…

Persistence Will Be Rewarded

Sometimes, if you annoy people long enough, they will cave and you will get what you want.

Being Cute Does Get You Noticed

When people stop their car and say, “That’s the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen” you know you’ve got it made.


Being Nice Gets You More Than Being Snarly

Being snippy only gets you yelled at or told “NO”, but being nice gets you a big “atta girl” and a cookie!  Isn’t there an expression about this one, “You can attract more…