Alarm goes off…..Wait, what time is it? It’s still dark…… 4:30am!?

Aahhh….silence. He’s turned it off – must have been a mistake.

10 minutes later …….REPEAT.

10 minutes after THAT- ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

He rolls out of bed, heads to the bathroom and turns on the light. I roll over and cover my eyes, trying, oh so trying, to go back to sleep. Then he makes his way across the room to our walk-in closet and turns on that light too and proceeds to get dressed. I have a nice view – especially with the light on. I peek and scowl.

I’m not sure why this routine surprises and irritates me at least four mornings each week. It’s JUST the motivational start of a typical early morning swim or run workout. It’s not like I was expecting to sleep in longer or anything.

Finished, he turns off the light and heads downstairs. I am now fully awake. Of course I am.

I grumble.

I whine.

I moan.

I decide I might as well get up now and do something useful; either run myself, time him for his swim send-offs, or meet up with him with nutrition for those 12+ mile runs. Oh well – OUR QUALITY TIME! Sigh…..