Last summer, my trihubby and I went to the Jarden Westchester Triathlon to support a friend who was doing his first Olympic Distance race (shout out to Bob – so proud of you).  While it was Bob’s first race, it was also my first pure spectator’s race.  I realized every triathlon I have attended was because Carl was racing.  I had never been to one without a “vested interest” so to speak.


While I was snapping away on the camera, my husband came up with a great idea for a post – why it’s important for you to support your local races.  Brilliant, because he’s right.

I actually went to two more local races last summer, including the Greenwich Cup Triathlon in August.  I had a good friend doing that race, too.  While it may have taken me awhile to get around to writing this piece, I’m doing it now, just in time for the current race season.

Greenwich Cup Triathlon

5 Reasons Why You Need To Support Your Local Races

  1. These local races are training and testing grounds for many budding triathletes.  So, it’s important that they know the triathlon community is a great group of people, which of course, we are!  Go to cheer them on and give them that encouragement to continue in the sport.  I know our friend was so excited after his first local race that he immediately started training for his first half, which he is doing this summer.Westchester Triathlon
  2. These races often have a kid’s component to them, so you can get the young ones involved.  They can get a taste of and hopefully appreciate what your triathlete does that keeps them away from home for so many hours!  Plus, it occupies everyone’s time.  Our town even has a local kids’ triathlon.  How cool…twclocalraces6
  3. You can bring the whole family (including the dog and in-laws) and it’s not too much of a hassle.  When you have to travel long distances to a race and you take the family, it can be difficult to say the least.  When you attend a local race, there’s no real packing necessary and you get a chance to see how the kids react, before you commit to taking them to a half or full-distance race.  You can come later and always just go home if there’s a problem.  You can even invite friends who may have never seen a triathlon, but hear your triathlete talk about them…Westchester Triathlon
  4. When you attend these races, you support both the community you live in and the local triathlon community.  The triathlons are usually put on by a local triathlete shop or triclub, so by attending, you’re making a statement of support.  You don’t even need to have someone you know doing the race.  Just go to cheer everyone on!  Hey, there could be much worse ways to spend a Sunday morning.  Just be sure to also support any sponsors with your dollars and stop at local restaurants for an after race meal.Greenwich Cup Triathlon
  5. Attending local races gives you a great opportunity to meet other triathletes and their families that live in your area.  Remember the adage – misery loves company – well, here’s your chance to find like-minded souls!  Just remember, as you get deeper into this lifestyle, it’s great to have someone to talk to and share stories with over dinner.  This is the perfect chance to make those new friends.Ironman 70.3 Oceanside

So, the next time you see a triathlon advertised in your area, go check it out and take your cowbell.  Think how nice it will be to watch a race when you don’t have a vested interest and there’s no stress from your triathlete.