ca'momi osteria in napa

Something special opened in downtown Napa last fall – Ca’ Momi Osteria restaurant.  While the restaurant may be new, the soul, the food and the wine is rooted deeply in the traditions of Italy and the Napa Valley.

Ca’ Momi Enoteca has been in Napa Valley for over 5 years serving pizza and amazing pastries, but the story starts well before that.  Valentina Guolo-Migotta, the owner, is a woman with strength, strong values, and amazing vison.  Moving to California from Italy in 1997, she wanted to share her food and wine ideas, with their tradition woven in, with the people of Napa.

the pizza at ca' momi osteria in napa

Valentina first opened Ca’ Momi Enoteca in the Oxbow Public Market with her Italian business partners, Dario De Conti and Stafano Migotto.  Dario grew up on a farm in Italy and paid for his studies to get his Masters degree in winemaking by making pizza.  Rounding out the team, Stefano was raised on his family’s second generation vineyard and now can be found perfecting wines for the Ca’Momi patrons.

With these three at the helm, not just with an idea, but with history and passion, the doors to Ca’ Momi Osteria opened in a beautiful old building in downtown Napa and I had the pleasure of dining with them. All I had to hear was that story and the words local, organic, and authentic and I knew the food was going to be good.  I just had no idea how good!

We started with one of their famous pizzas that is cooked in a real Acunto Napoli wood-burning oven.  The oven not only stands as the beautiful centerpiece of the restaurant, with its handmade mosaic tile, but cooks an awesome pizza at the perfect temperature.

ca'momi osteria pizza oven

As we moved down the menu, each dish was incredible, showcasing the ingredients.  It is food cooked the way I love; clean, simple, and with love.  And it shows!  I moved onto the Burrata E Verdure, which featured wood-oven roasted vegetables and the house-pulled burrata.  Amazing!

I then saw two words on the menu and I was sold.  It is rare to see the the next fish on a menu and when I do, I order it – Cuttlefish!  Grilled and served with fresh and roasted fennel and finished with sambuca- YUM!  I was in pure restaurant heaven.

cuttlefish at ca'momi osteria

Ca’ Momi Osteria is great for anything from a dinner for two to an evening out with friends or the family to a special event in the beautiful private dining room.  Open for both lunch and dinner, meals will range between $20 and $50, including wine.

Be sure your visit to Napa includes one or two meals at Ca’ Momi!