what are some finds for everyday use

Over the last few months, I’ve found a few products that I can’t live without. They have turned out to be so amazing that I just can’t keep them to myself. There’s something for everyone, including your pet who will be so grateful! I hope you enjoy these Fabulous Finds for Everyday Use as much as I do!

Fabulous Finds for Everyday Use

One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Blow Dryer Brush

Okay, when was the last time someone commented on how amazing your hair looks? My husband did the other day – the first in a long time. And the credit goes to my new one step hair dryer. This product is the best thing ever and I’m not kidding. I am obsessed!

My hairdresser was using this on a client at my last visit and her hair looked amazing. It was soft, shiny, bouncy and had tons of volume. Alison cautioned that my hair may be too short, but it was worth trying. I have chin length hair and have to say it will not work if your hair is much shorter than mine. But if you have long hair, TRY THIS HAIRDRYER! Plus, it’s amazing for day old hair.

what are some fabulous finds for everyday use

You may see this as an ad when playing games on your phone or on facebook. I went on amazon to see if it was available there and sure enough. Apparently, there are quite a few manufacturers including Revlon, which was Jenna Bush Hager’s best find on a recent episode of Hoda and Jenna. However, she gave a price of $49 and I paid $29.99 for my One Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Blow Dryer Brush from SeaRoomy on amazon. 

West Paw Dog Beds

In my search for a new dog bed at my local pet store, Pet Pantry, I came across the Heyday bed from West Paw. It was one of the softest materials I had felt. Plush, soft and thick, I was ready to curl up and take a nap myself. I didn’t even look at the label, I just bought the bed.

When I got home, I did read the label and was thrilled. The company uses recycled plastic bottles to make the bed stuffing, IntelliLoft. In fact, they list on the tag how many bottles went into your size bed. For me, a large used 56.7 bottles. To date, the company has recycled over 15 million bottles. The beds are made in Montana for the love of pets and the planet.

west paw dog bed is a fabulous find for everyday use

The top fabric is a wonderfully textured, super-soft knit fabric. The bottom of the bed is made from micro-suede that resists picking up floor dirt. It’s easy to spot clean and is machine washable. The beds come in 4 sizes and 3 colors. The company also makes toys and collars and leashes.

As you can see, it was a big hit! As the company says…Who knew sustainability could be so cozy?

Wander Beauty Mascara

I discovered Wander Beauty through a facebook ad, which I rarely click on. Am I glad I decided to take a chance. They make two mascaras, one for volume and length and one for volume and curl. I bought both and love them both. They go on so easy, separate your lashes, and make them look very full, all with one coat. Also, no smudges and taking off is a breeze. Now, Wander Beauty mascara is Wander Beauty Mascara is a bit expensive at $26, so more in line with department store brands and not drug stores. But when I find something that works this well…

what are some fabulous finds for everyday use

Photo credit Wander Beauty.

The company makes not only mascara, but all kinds of makeup and skincare. I also got the All Inclusive Shampoo and Body Wash which I really like but at $28 seems a bit expensive, so not sure I’ll be buying again. I did buy the eyeshadow kit in Off Duty and would recommend.

Dyson Hot + Cool Tower Fan/Heater

I was searching for a portable fan that might actually work to cool a room where we don’t have AC and came across the Dyson Fan/Heater. While a bit pricy…$299 – $450 depending on where you buy and if it’s on sale, it really works and not only cools, but heats a room, too. Even better, it makes little to no noise, the blades are not actually blades so totally safe, and it comes with a remote that via a magnet sticks to the top of the unit. The design is really cool, so it looks great in a room. It was truly one of my favorite Fabulous Finds.

fabulous finds for everyday use like the dyson hot and cool unit

Photo credit Dyson.

When I came home one day and my husband had stolen it to use in office, I knew it was a hit!

At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen Cookbook

I am a sucker for cookbooks, but have a few that I reach for all the time. This is one of them. You hear so much these days about plant-based foods and whole foods, so naturally cookbooks follow. I have used the At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen: Celebrating the Art of Eating Wellby Amy Chaplin so many times that my other cookbooks are truly feeling neglected.

fabulous finds for everyday use like a cookbook

Photo credit At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen.

Some of my favorite recipes are the French Lentil Soup, Spicy Black Bean Stew, Squash Blossom Orecchiette, and Creamy Cauliflower and Celery Root Soup.

iSteam Steamer

I HATE IRONING! And let me add with a passion. But my clothes wrinkle so I have to do something about it and I’ve yet to find a wrinkle away spray that works great. So, when I saw an advertisement for iSteam Steamer and read good reviews, I thought I’d give it a try. Guess what, you can say goodbye to wrinkly clothes and draperies with this iSteam Steamer for Clothes.

Whether you’re looking for a portable easy-to-use iron, or a practical gift, this steam iron will do just that. The unit heats up within just 60 seconds and gives a powerful steam flow. You can use it as mini iron, clean, sterilize, treat, refresh, humidify, defrost and more. It has an automatic shut-down system when it gets too hot or water gets too low. Gentle for all kinds of garments or fabric and instantly erase wrinkles from suits, shirts, dresses, delicates, drapery or beddings. Easy to store and pack in any suitcase or carry on luggage.

What Fabulous Finds have you found for everyday use?