Do you need one last gift to put under the tree?  Then, think travel…Travel is a gift that keeps giving for so many years.  The experiences and memories that are shared can be savored forever.  The children will grow from both being with you and the education that travel offers.  This gift can also be given for the holidays, but taken during the year.

gift of travel

Here are our top five travel gifts for the special people in your life:

San Juan Island

San Juan Island in the state of Washington is perfect for a family gift or a couples gift.  The Island has a lot to offer just about all year round.  From kayaking to whale watching and just hanging out at the Lakedale Resort with the family, it is a great gift.
san juan island
Downtown Napa

Make Napa a special gift for your special other half or as a gift for your sisters or girlfriends.  Napa is easy to get to through San Francisco and has so much to offer.  Whether you want to play, eat, go wine tasting, get a message at a spa, or just relax; it’s all there.  The Napa River Inn makes it comfortable and luxurious for a perfect stay.

napa river inn, napa
The Big Island of Hawaii

With the whole gang or just the two of you, the Big Island of Hawaii  never fails to deliver.  It has so much to offer and something for everyone.  There are tons of options for lodging; from private homes, to resorts and hotels, to camping.  One year we gave our kids surf lessons for Hanukkah and now they are addicted and we are, too.  Get to the Mauna Kea summit at sunset and see a site like no other.  If you need a special alone day, plan time in one of the rain forest hot tubs and spas!  You can choose to be as active as you want or do nothing at all.

mauna kea summit

Having lived in London for several years, I have to say it’s one of my favorite cities in the world.  It is so full of history and free things to do, including their museums.  The city is easy to navigate either on foot or through their public transportation system, making sight seeing a breeze.  Plus, there is so much to see outside of the city like the Cotswolds, Devon, and Windsor Castle.

london england

And, for a VERY SPECIAL gift, think bigger!


Give the gift of Cultural Immersion.  This is the gift that can change a life and create new attitudes towards other cultures and world travel.  The Tai Hu Home will bring your family together to dive into the real China and its history in style.  And, while you’re there, extend your trip to visit other cities like Suzhou, with a stay at the Suzhou Marriott.


And want to go even bigger?


The perfect gift for you and your significant other that you will never forget.  Visiting Antarctica is one of those “once in a lifetime” adventures that you can definitely check off your bucket list and if it wasn’t on there, it should be.  You will literally be one of a small percentage of travelers who will ever set foot on this continent and have great bragging rights.  Think icebergs, the sun setting at midnight, and seeing whales, penguins galore, and sea lions in their natural habitat!


Wondering how to wrap these travel gifts?

  • Run out to a bookstore or travel agency and pick up the travel guide for the area.
  • Print a few pictures of the areas and make a collage.
  • Make a pretend plane ticket.
  • Get some food or wine from the region.
  • Wrap it all together in a nice basket.

So, don’t forget to include the gift of travel for your loved ones.  They will thank you for years to come…