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Dana & David on the beach at Ironman Mallorca.

Okay, first stop laughing.  It is possible.  We’ve seen the phenomenon and even experienced it over the years.  Remember, as your triathlete is working out and feeling good about themselves – good body image, confidence, passion – you get what we mean – it just might make them feel more romantic and guess what, you reap the benefits!

We decided to look at the definition of ROMANCE in the traditional dictionary sense and from the Urban Dictionary.  Each of the TriWives then wrote our take on the definitions.  We’re starting off with Dana.  Enjoy…

Traditional dictionary definition of romance:

a.  A love affair.

b.  Ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people; love.

c.  A strong, sometimes short-lived attachment, fascination, or enthusiasm for something.

d.  A medieval tale based on legend, chivalric love and adventure, or the supernatural.


Think about it.  A triathlon is in many ways medieval – both involve games of skill such as hand to hand combat, clothes with insignias on them, eating food with one’s hands, big marketplaces (think Expo), spending a lot of time sweaty and stinky…and an Ironman is after all, supernatural!  Many races I have been to involve a tale or two of adventure that get retold over time and we all know there is a lot of love involved.  With all this in mind, here is my romantic twist from one of our first of many races.

In a far away land called Texas, one Thursday afternoon, a triathlete and his loving wife packed their chariot to travel to the magical land of Lubbock, (okay, this is the least sounding romantic word ever, just say it out loud) for a sports competition.  The wife was along to provide moral support to her warrior and to tend to any wounds – either physical or psychological!  As they ventured on, they became hungry and a cute red and white checked diner appeared  out of no where.  Having feasted on ye burgers and fries, they continued on down the road.  Coming into the town, they were surrounded by nothing but tumbleweeds, yet still ventured in.  Arriving at their humble abode for the next three days, Ye Olde Holiday Inn, they settled into a courtyard, garden room and prepared themselves for the days ahead.

Walking through the marketplace, the couple found much swag for purchase, selecting a few items for the children left at home.  As the day of the competition neared, the couple spent their time together, packing food bags, nourishing their bodies for the battle to come, and taking in  the sites and smells of the hamlet.  And, in the middle of this far away land, they even shared their first ever Dairy Queen cones.  On the day of the competition, the couple ventured out into the dark not knowing what lie ahead, but feeling full of excitement. The lady kissed him good luck and sent him into battle.  In return, the triathlete dazzled her with his athletic prowess, stamina, and ability to overtake his competition.  Later that day, they packed their chariot and drove to the land of Dallas for a long wine-filled dinner and a hotel that did not include a room overlooking a garden courtyard full of spandex dressed folks.  The couple reveled in their shared sense of accomplishment; he being her hero, she being his rock of support.  A sense of love and romance filled the air……


Enjoying a night out together…

Definition form the Urban Dictionary (we love this one):

True romance is doing something special or unexpected for someone you love, even though you don’t have to.  Romance isn’t a greeting card, it isn’t Valentine’s Day, it isn’t a box of chocolates, and it certainly isn’t a dozen roses (unless you like that sort of thing).  Real romance is not what modern society has been taught to think it is.  Real romance isn’t manufactured.  It is completely individual.  Romance is for showing the person you love that you’re thinking about them.  It shouldn’t feel forced.  There are no limits to romance; it can be shown by a handwritten note, by going for a walk, or even by making someone a sandwich.  Romance is something simple and sweet that reminds your partner why they fell in love with you in the first place.


Short and sweet.  The most romantic moment for me was when my trihubby was having his worst Ironman ever and was walking part of the run.  I walked on the other side of the walkway with him and he looked at me and said “thank you” with a tear falling down his face.  That thank you will always and forever mean the world to me and will remind me why I fell in love with my triathlete and the sport in the first place…..


Next up:  Sherry’s take