special event dining in omaha at society 1854

Special occasions require unique dining experiences. However, it can be difficult for restaurants to accommodate larger groups and still provide an intimate dining experience. But I’ve got great news for people living in the Omaha Metro region…we have Society 1854 at the Marriott Downtown-Capital District. Over 20 foodies were recently invited to taste their menu. I can personally vouch that our table felt distinct, intimate, and warm—the trifecta for my kind of atmosphere.

is society 1854 good for special events dining in omaha

The restaurant is Nebraska-focused American Cuisine that truly showcases local farmers’ skillful work. Executive chef, John Engler, formerly of Grey Plume, provided elegant and straightforward courses with incredible wine pairings. The menu featured Plum Creek and Reister Farms, two regional farms known for their exceptional quality. They did not disappoint.

Pastry Chef, Natasha Lulla, presented the group with two desserts. First, the interactive “make your own” smores” was a fun way to end the evening. The second was a deconstructed peach, honey, and ricotta dessert. Both were big hits among the guests. From the amuse-bouche to the final aperitif, equal care and consideration for everything along with an amazing staff made every part of the evening a delight.

Menu with Tasting Notes

Cantaloupe Soup – This was deconstructed soup with a cantaloupe sherbet. I could not love this unexpected surprise more.

special event dining at society 1854 in omaha

Seared Scallops – This dish was perfectly seared with my two favorites, fennel and grapefruit. It made my mouth dance.

seared scallops at society 1854 for special events dining in omaha

Plum Creek Farms Chicken Roulade – The Beluga lentils were a lovely texture and the chicken was tender and juicy.

dining at society 1854 in omaha

Reister Farm Lamb Chops – The pairing with grilled corn, zucchini, and tomato provided an excellent balance to the tasty lamb chops.

what to eat at society 1854 in omaha

Bee Grateful Farm’s Honey Dessert – Handmade ricotta, marcona almonds, grilled peaches, and baguette…simple, full of flavor, and a knockout.

what to have for dessert at society 1854 in omaha

Naturally, I inquired about packages. I was happy to hear that Society 1854 has numerous customized packages to ensure that your event is a success. With a stellar chef and mixologist at your disposal, I could not recommend it more. And if you feel that you can’t muster the strength to make it home, no worries! This Omaha hotel has a #1 hotel rating from TripAdvisor, making this a winning combination for any occasion.

Mikal Eckstrom is a guest writer for LifeDoneWell frequently covering Omaha events. You can also find him on Instagram