what to give for valentine's day

UPDATE 2/15/16: Our Valentine’s Day raffle is closed and we are pleased to announce the two winners of the $75 American Express Gift Cards. Big congratulations go to Courtnie and Erica who found us through Instagram and Twitter! Enjoy your cards…

If there are 2 things we love ALMOST as much as our triathletes, it’s wine and chocolate. Add travel to the mix, and well, hey, we’re in heaven…. I have found myself on the road quite a bit this month, both away from my hubby and with him. With the twins away at school and at work, I needed to find some creative ways to bring it all together for Valentine’s Day.

So, when a friend mentioned a wonderful #ASweetPairing of Josh Cellar Wines and Ghirardelli Chocolates, I was so in! And, now I get to share that our sponsors are offering TWO (2) $75 American Express Gift Cards to TriWivesClub readers. So how do chocolate, wine, and travel all come together for Valentine’s Day? It’s easy with #ASweetPairing that makes it a snap for me to take care of my loved one in a special way.


For years, I have given Ghirardelli Chocolates as gifts, because I love how they are packaged. You can give the entire bag as a gift or you can buy different types and mix them up in your care packages and gift baskets. They are also beautiful in a bowl or as part of a table decoration. I love that not only do they taste wonderful, but for Valentine’s Day, you can pick up their special Impressions chocolates complete with sweet sayings. The variety of offerings allows you to pair them perfectly with wines as well.


We love wine in our household. When I told my husband I was working with Josh Cellar Wines, he immediately went to our wine cellar (I told you we were huge wine drinkers!) and pulled out a bottle to which he said, “Someone gave us this as a gift. Let’s try it”. Well, we did and we paired our bottle of Josh Cellar Cabarnet Sauvignon with all the different Ghirardelli Chocolates. Then we compared our favorites. My hubby liked the pairing with the Dark Truffles and I found the Milk Squares with Caramel rocked with wine.


This month has been nuts; on and off of planes and in and out of hotels. While I have spent most of the month on the road and I’m heading out again next week, I needed a creative way to work in Valentine’s Day. I wanted to make sure I had some sweet surprises for my hubby. I adore Ghirardelli Chocolates, because they are easy to pack and take with you. Plus, I found they look great when you place a variety of the squares in a hotel room, so when the hubby arrives, you have sweet treats. FYI, we believe in celebrating holidays and birthdays during the whole month, not just one day.

what to give for valentine's day

The Giveaway

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Disclosure: Thank you to the sponsors for giving me this opportunity and while this is a sponsored post, all thoughts expressed are my own.

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