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25 Summer Drink Recipes Perfect For Cooling Off

Enjoy these bright, refreshing summer drink recipes as the temperatures warm up. Our favorite cocktails are simple, delicious and perfect for any summer celebration.  Summer is here with sunny days and blooming flowers and trees. No more snow boots, heavy coats or wooly scarves! Bring on the sandals and sunscreen! Our favorite summer drink recipes take advantage of the bright sunshine and floral bouquets of…

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strawberry mint mojito
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The Best Strawberry Mint Mojito Recipe You’ve Ever Had

This refreshing and delicious recipe for a Strawberry Mint Mojito includes strawberries, mint leaves and white rum to make the perfect summer cocktail and cool down on those hot days. It’s the start of summer, which means it’s time to beat the heat with some refreshing food and drink. And there’s no better way to do that than with a chilled Strawberry Mint Mojito! Who…

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tritini cocktail recipe
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If your triathlete is like our triathletes, they do very little imbibing while in training and during race season. It’s sad how often we drink alone as triwives/partners…But, with the season winding down, we may just find a drinking buddy. So, to be ready, we decided to get creative and come up with our very own “TRITINI” cocktail in celebration. In our search for the…

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