is body image affected by having a triathlete as a partner

We know in an ideal world, there is balance and fairness in our households and relationships with our significant others; living with a triathlete included! Alas, we know we don’t live in that ideal world, but we can dream, can’t we?

I started thinking about what my ideal world would look like, which got me thinking about how my husband would envision his ideal triathlon world and how I would fit into said world. I have a feeling in his fantasies he hears me saying things to him that would make him oh, so happy, but he knows WILL NEVER HAPPEN! But, hey, life is about having hope. Right? Or, I could have a severe lapse of judgement one day. It could happen…

So, here’s what I imagine any triathlete would love to hear from his wife/partner in…


Honey, do you want to go shopping this weekend? I think it’s time for you to get a new bike.

Why don’t you take a nap while I clean the barbecue grill? You need your rest.

No problem. I’m happy to take the kids to soccer practice so you can go for a longer ride.

Oh, I’ve given you 2 more of my drawers in the closet for your gear. I thought you could use some more space.


No, honey, you don’t smell. I’ve told you that your sweat doesn’t stink at all.

I don’t think we really need a dining room. I was thinking it might be a good idea to turn it into a bike training room. What do you think?

Of course you can go to Ironman Mallorca by yourself. I’m happy to stay home with the kids.

Wow, Ohio sounds like a great spot for a vacation in September. I’m in!

Here, let me take those wet clothes from you.


Can you explain fartleks to me? I’m really interested in learning what they are. And, please, I want detail.

Can we talk about triathlons at dinner tonight? With you gone so much training these days, I feel we haven’t had a decent triathlon conversation lately.

I’ve decided to train for my first triathlon, so we’ll be a two triathlete family.

You do look great in white on the race course. It’s not see through at all.

Seriously, you look good in a towel.


I’m happy to host a party for your triclub tonight. No, you didn’t tell me, but that’s okay. I have plenty of free time to get it ready.

I’m sure our friends love to hear all about your last race, especially all the details. And, no, I’m sure they don’t mind talking about all your GI issues while we eat.

Dinner at 5pm. Why yes, please!

It doesn’t bother me in the least that you shave your legs and yes, I was serious when I said I don’t mind leg stubble.

My new workout goal is to get a body that looks like Miranda Carfrae. (Hey, I said this was pure fantasy).

miranda carfrae

I organized all of your triathlete magazines by subject title while you were gone, so they’re easy to find.

Why don’t you take the money we were saving for new patio furniture and buy yourself some new tri gear? I don’t think you have enough.

And my personal favorite…Yes, dear. You were right all along. It is all about you. I’m just here to make your life easier.