When you have teens traveling on their own, you will get…and from Cassis, France to Omaha, Nebraska this happens…

It is rare when the twins are traveling that I would be more than 3 feet from my cell phone. But with the thunder and lightning this morning, I left it inside. I came back to 2 missed calls and 4 whatsapp messages. Let’s just say, a mother’s worst fear…

Sydney, “Mom”
Sydney, “call me”
Sydney, “you there”
Sydney, “k, I can’t wait call later”

Panic sets in. Luckily David was still home so he started whatsapp texting and I tried to call until he got our son, who said Sydney was fine and they had an awesome boat trip this morning.

Still I knew something was not right and finally I got her.

But this is what followed and I had to as a good mother let it go. But I really haven’t…

S, “my ankle is swollen but I’m fine”
Me, “did you hurt it”
S, “not that I can remember”
Me, “send me a picture”
S, “K it hurts too”

Then came this picture

Cute new 6E shoes and a very ugly ankle...

Cute new 6E shoes and a very ugly ankle…

Me, “cute shoes”
S, ” they were only 6 euros, I know so cute right”
Me, “ankle yuck”
S, “we are leaving GTG bye”
Me,”ice it and take Advil”
S, “k bye”

Well, I guess it is ok…but really I hope she bought me a pair of those shoes too…