do you have ideas for a triathlete holiday gift guide

TriWivesClub Holiday Gift Guides.

Day 1, Day 2, and here we are with Day 3. We continue with our triathlete gift suggestions. Hope you find something you like…..


1. Is your house overflowing with triathlete gear and clothes? Do you sometimes wonder where you will put one more race t-shirt? Well, time to say enough to materialism and stop the buying madness!! We’re sure your triathlete has some cause near and dear to their heart, so make a donation to a charity in their name. The sport, itself, has some wonderful charities that always need help. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • The Challenged Athlete’s Foundation provides help such as prosthetics and wheelchairs for people with physical disabilities to enable them to pursue active lifestyles.
  • Pro triathlete, Jordan Rapp, is very involved with World Bicycle Relief. This organization provides bikes across Africa & Southeast Asia so people can access healthcare, education, and jobs.
  • The Wounded Warrior Project provides help in many forms for our returning vets and their families.
  • Our guest blogger and close friend, Mike Thompson, loves Livestrong, Austin Pets Alive, and Make-A-Wish Foundation, which just so happened to have granted him a wish.
  • If your triathlete loves animals, consider donating to your local animal shelter. They usually need everything!
  • Our good friend Dave Orlowski, one of the original Ironman racers, has two causes near & dear to his heart, ALS and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. ALS claimed the life of a good friend and the other, a personal battle.

2. Do a photo series from one race using a swim, bike, and run photo or take finishers’ pictures from memorable races and frame. My brother-in-law did running photos from the LA Marathon that he took of Carl & had them framed.


Three shots of Carl at the LA Marathon.

3. If your triathlete wears shirts with cufflinks, you are so lucky. There are tons of great options out there. Just look for pairs that have some significance to your triathlete, whether triathlon related or not. I have bought M dots, of course, and bicycles, but also seating from the old Yankee stadium, dog bones & paws, telephone booths from our time living in London, and even had our dogs pictures put on a set. Two companies that do this are PersonalizationMall and Cufflinks Depot. You get the idea……

here are some ideas for a triathlete holiday gift guide

Cufflinks are popular in my household…

4. If your triathlete has a favorite pro, try contacting them to get an autographed copy of a t-shirt, poster or book, if they have written one, like Chris McCormack. Most of them are on twitter, facebook, and have websites and I’m sure would be more than happy to help you out. If not, maybe think ahead for next year and do this when you are at a race. I actually got an autographed book, t-shirt, and poster this way.

Chris McCormack in our triathlete holiday gift guide

Chris McCormack signing both a copy of his book and t-shirt for my trihubby.

5. We love Tribike Transport and use them all the time for races. How about the gift of a bike transport for next season? There’s no more hassle getting the bike box to the airport; wondering about how much you will be charged for the oversize luggage; or worse for my triathlete – having TSA open it up and take it apart and never put it back together right……You pack up your bike and deliver it to a local bike shop and they do the rest. They even take one bag with the bike. We have never had an issue with them and they are always helpful and pleasant. They pretty much go to all Ironman races and also offer a Valet Service, where they pick up your bike and transition bag at the end of the race, so you don’t even have to bring it back to them. Now, honestly, what could be easier……

So, there you have it. Five more great suggestions to keep that triathlete of yours happy!!!!!