how to survive a family summer vacation

Traveling can be trying to say the least and especially when you’re doing it with a group of people.  Whether you’re with the kids, other members of your family, or both, it’s rare to have a stress free vacation.  But, there are some simple steps you can take to help ensure your summer vacation is as least stressful as possible and that everyone might just have a great time!

how to survive a family summer vacation with a multigenerational family

5 Tips to Help You Survive a Family Summer Vacation

Make Group Decisions

Don’t make it too stressful on any one person by making them make all the decisions.  This has happened to me on many occasions, sometimes of my own doing and sometimes because no one else would act and I stepped in.  But, I encourage you to try and do at least some planning as a group, so no one gets blamed for anything.  Here are some examples:

  • Are you renting a house or booking hotel rooms?
  • Are you cooking or eating out or some combination?
  • Are you doing activities together or is everyone on their own?
  • Who gets the better rooms?

Making these decisions together also helps prevent resentment on anyone’s part.  Of course, someone is free to opt out of the decision making process, but then they can’t complain later on…

Tips to Survive a Family Summer Vacation
Stake Out Some Alone Time on a Family Summer Vacation

I’m sure there’s some saying about too much togetherness…So you don’t get on each other’s nerves too much, please carve some time out and either find a lovely hammock to read a book in or schedule an activity that only you want to do, such as taking bike ride.  Or maybe you and your husband would like a quiet dinner together.  This is most imperative the longer the time you’re all together and especially if you’re under one roof.
what to do on a summer vacation as a family
Plan Some Activities Ahead of Time

Not everything should be left to chance.  Some activities you need reservations for, so you really to plan them out and book what you need to.  Dinner reservations can be necessary, especially if there is a group of you.  This is true whether you are doing the activity alone or as a group.

Keep Tech Usage to a Minimum

This is one of those times when you should really enjoy the people you’re with and your surroundings.  Seriously, unplug for a while, even if only a few hours.  Maybe even schedule this tech free time into the day, so everyone knows to participate.  Make this summer vacation the time to reconnect with your family and actually have a conversation.
how to survive a family summer vacation
Relax, Laugh, and Have Fun

Yes, we have to say this, because we often forget to do the most important activities and the real reason for the vacation – to relax and just have fun!  Oh, and make sure you get some laughter in.  I’m guessing you don’t do enough of this, but you should.  What better time to bring it back into your life!

What tips do you have for surviving a family summer vacation?