We are in New York City all the time. And when we say all the time, we consider ourselves part-time residents. Then there’s the fact that Sherry lives a short train ride away and we often meet for lunch.

We have lived in various neighborhoods in Manhattan and loved each of them, but currently we are in midtown which makes getting around so easy. We spend a lot of time walking no matter what the weather is just to soak in all that is New York City. Even though NYC always has something new…new exhibits, hot new restaurants, new Broadway shows, and so much more, there are classics we always try to go to every time we visit.

Top 5 Must Dos in NYC to Keep You Coming Back

Central Park

It really does not matter where we are in Central Park. Getting to the park and just taking a walk or crossing through on our way somewhere is a must. We always try to take a different way to get to either where we are going or if out just for a walk just wander. If there is a crowd or something happening we make make our way over to explore.

is central park one of the top must dos in nyc

Just one gorgeous view from Central Park.

There are three places we always find ourselves at in Central Park…

The first is Sheep Meadow, a 15 acre area that today is used for relaxing, kite flying, and picnics. The views from Sheep Meadow are just my favorite.

The second is Le Pain Quotidien located just north of Sheeps Meadow on the west side near 69th St. It is where we go for tea, wonderful bread, to meet friends, and sometimes for a drink. It is the perfect location to sit outside, drink, eat, and people watch.

Our third go-to place in Central Park is The Pond on the lower east side of the park. It is close, quiet, and a great place to watch the birds and relax. It is located across the street from the Park Plaza, but not many people walk down around the area, so it is perfect!

what are top must dos in nyc to keep you coming back
The High Line

Always changing and always an adventure, the High Line has been a go-to place since it opened. Once an elevated freight rail line in NYC, the area was saved and developed by a group that decided a public space would be perfect there. The project started on Gansevoort St. on the West Side and over the past nine years has extended nearly a mile and a half to 34th Street.

what are top must dos in nyc to keep you coming back

Taking in the sights from the High Line.

Each section is diverse, special, and filled with art, views, restaurants, gardens, history and so much more. The High Line is used for commuting, exercising, site seeing, events, dining, and just relaxing. We often find ourselves using it to get one place to another or just to sit and relax. No matter the season, the High Line always has something happening. We have bought many pieces of art along the way as well.

Dim Sum

There is nothing better than weekends in Chinatown eating Dim Sum. Dim Sum is a form of Chinese food served on small plates, steamed or fried with different fillings. Steamer carts are rolled around the room to each table and diners pick the dishes they want and the staff marks your slip accordingly. Most items are served in small streamer baskets and you can just pick what you want as the carts roll by.

is dim sum one of the top 5 must dos in nyc

Dim Sum dining.

The experience of heading the Chinatown, getting seated and then picking your food is itself worth the trip. If you do not fill a whole banquet table, you will be seated with other people each with your own ticket. Then you sit and wait… The carts come by you are told what that cart has and you pick what you want, eat, and wait for the next cart. Each bite is delightful! We love all the dumplings, steamed buns, and fresh greens.

You can find us most weekends at one of two Dim Sum restaurants in Chinatown. Ever since our children were infants, Jing Fong was our go to place. Waiting for your turn to ride up the long elevator is half the fun! Once you make it up, you arrive in a giant banquet room of organized chaos.

Our new place is the Golden Unicorn. Once you find the building, you let them know how many are in your party and they will direct you to take the elevator to one of the many floors they serve Dim Sum on in the building.

what are top 5 must dos in nyc like eating dim sum

Golden Unicorn Dim Sum.

Honestly, we cannot pick a favorite and we have eaten in many others as well. So, my advice is just make sure you eat Dim Sum!

Farmer’s Markets

Throughout the city there are various Farmer’s Markets that offer seasonal foods, produce, and many other specialities. Although not all of the Farmer’s Markets are open year-round, you can always count on the Union Square Market to be open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday every week.

are farmer's markets one of the top 5 must dos in nyc

A find at the Union Square Farmer’s Market.

We often wander and grab a bite to eat from a vendor, pick up some New York specialities to take home, or just window shop. We have also been known to pick up some locally made cheese, bread, and produce and enjoy a little picnic. The Farmer’s Market also has wonderful local art including dried flower arrangements and pottery to take home. When the weather is good, be sure to visit the Farmer’s Markets throughout the city!

Sample Sales

One of our favorite things to do in NYC is hit the Sample Sales. We pick up our copy of Time Out each week and check out what sales are going on and head out shopping. Most Sample Sales are in pop-up spaces around the city.

are sample sales one of the top 5 must dos in nyc

My favorite sample sale find.

You can get everything from socks and underwear to formal wear and items you would not otherwise buy for yourself. Some Sample Sale spaces will also feature up and coming designers. We have picked up many pieces that are now treasures in our closet.

Do you have any must dos when you are in NYC?