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we are so much more jodi lending guy support

One of the trisupporter’s duties…

They tell me “We Are So Much More” than TriWives……..Really?  Sometimes it sure doesn’t feel that way to me.

My life feels overwhelming sometimes.  I struggle to fit my loved one’s training schedule together with his and my work schedules (I work full time), so that we actually get to see each other and spend some cherished, fleeting moments together.  It’s at these times that I start to say no to friends and other family members when they ask to get together.  I mean, how can I have time for them when I’m juggling a thousand other concerns, not to mention how I’m actually going to figure out when my TriHubby and I can eat together, if ever?!?

Well, I recently had a revelation or as Oprah would say, an “aha moment”.  I realized that it is at these precise moments when I’m saying no to friends and family, I need to be saying a resounding YES.

  • I need to say YES to the invitation to a morning coffee.
  • I need to say YES to the girls’ old musicals movie night.
  • I need to say YES to sharing a trip to the local yarn shop to buy some more for my “stash”.
  • I need to say YES to arranging a trip to Longwood Gardens Christmas display with my mom and aunt.
  • I need to say YES to not forgetting that I have my own friends and interests and make time for both with as much diligence as supporting the tri interests of my loved ones. ( It’s plural as my daughter is a triathlete also).

Recently I had the opportunity…..nay, I was shamed by some very persistent and wonderful friends, to spend a weekend together at a local cabin; far away from the bustle of everyday life and the demands from others in our lives.  We hiked, ate, drank wine, shared, visited Kentuck Knob, and goofed around in the sculpture garden, laughed and cried, and laughed until we cried!

we are so much more a girlfriend

Enjoying time away with my friends…

We realized we hadn’t all been together for 10 years… What a priceless precious gift that time together gave us.  What a surprise that I could spend a whole weekend away  .…somewhere there wasn’t a race…somewhere there wasn’t a training schedule….and it was fun and just for me!

we are so much more a girlfriend

Don’t we all look happy and relaxed…

This newly found wisdom has been hard learned.  Take heed all you trisupporters and learn from me.  Take time for YOU!  Especially when it seems like the worst time for you to be selfish.  Turn that ” No, I can’t make it Thursday” into “I’d love to have lunch.”  It’s so cliche, but it’s so true….. It’s only when YOUR needs and joys are satisfied that you can give it back to others.  And, with race season upon us, you really need to recharge those batteries for all the trisupporting that’s ahead…….


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