We are just over a week away from the first travel triathlon, well, the first triathlon of the season, and there is a bit of flurry in my house to say the least.


And not everyone is thrilled…

You would think that after all these years, we would have this under control, but often life gets in the way.  Plus, it’s been almost a year since we did this.  I guess we’re a bit out of practice!!!

I do find that having my checklist makes everything so much easier…

What’s on my 10 Days to Race Day Checklist this week?

  • Ship bike.  While this seems like an easy task, it requires that hubby pack it up first.  The bike is going to Puerto Rico this race, so shipping is a bit harder.  As we always say, use TriBike Transport whenever possible, but if not, you can either choose to fly the bike with you or when you need it somewhere early or to have it rebuilt and tuned, like we did, use FedEx.  There are 2 very important factors to remember when shipping:
    • Make sure you know your credit card benefits.  You may not have to take the full insurance out on the bike when shipping, based on your benefits.
    • International and Domestic Shipping are very different.  Go on line or call and get all the details.  When they tell you it will take 2-4 days, double it, to get the bike there on time!


      Almost ready for shipping…

  • Contact the location you are staying at to arrange any extras you need upon your arrival.  We are staying in a home this time and arranged for the key exchange.  If you’re staying in a hotel, contact them and make sure you have an extra old sheet for your bike and a mini frig for your nutrition.  You may want to have them empty out any mini bars first, if you need the space.
  • Confirm all flight and car rentals or transportation.
  • Check packing lists and designate a place in your house to start putting everything in one place.


    Dining room tables work…

  • Confirm or make all dinner and activity plans.
  • Contact any local vendors and confirm they were able to get all the items you requested and if not, order and have shipped to your location.
  • Review the race day schedule and race course and plan your day.  Make hard copies of anything you want to have with you.

twcimprScreen Shot 2015-03-04 at 6.54.52 AM

  • Make packing lists for the kids and send to them.  Mine are in college and still love it when I send them a packing list, although they are great doing it on their own.
  • Contact your doctor if traveling out of the country and make sure you have all the prescriptions you may need.  We always travel with an antibiotic and an emergency kit, just in case…

Then, there is my sanity. I cannot forget to pack it!

This is a huge trip for us besides getting my hubby back into racing.  My daughter is of legal drinking age in Puerto Rico and her BFF is joining us.  It’s Spring Break.  Another first, but his should be fun!