It is so hard to believe that the “off season” has snuck up on us again. I’m putting it in quotes, because I know a lot of you don’t believe this season even exists! And for me, it varies year to year and what’s going in with my triathlete and if he’s injury free. But, going on the premise that this is an off season year, I will say it is one of my favorite times. Not just for the workouts to ease up a bit, but also because as a couple, we get to spend more time together.

For us, this time is in place of the long weekend workouts, so we like to take advantage of being active together. There is a huge BUT here, though. I workout, but I am not a triathlete and my fitness level is no where near my triathlete. So, it’s imperative that we find activities that we both enjoy yet are challenging at our own fitness levels. Even during the off season, being active is still so important.

Here are our top 5 activities that we enjoy doing as a couple.

Bike Rides

There is no way I could either keep up with the over 25 miles per hour that my husband rides or do a century ride, NOR DO I WANT TO! I do like to go on a leisurely bike ride, though. We have found that using a tandem bike meets both of our needs. Okay, no laughing…My triathlete rides in front while I am in back. The ride is not about the speed, but about time together and fitness. I pedal at a pace that is comfortable for me while he works a bit harder to make up for my lower fitness level.

We have friends who achieve their different fitness levels by using a front wheel motor. We have not tried this, but they say the motor is easy to install and assists in not having to work so hard to keep up with the triathlete.


Getting on the water is one of our favorite things to do and if we’re in a kayak, we get to enjoy the water, get a little workout in, and get to relax. For some reason, when my triathlete gets in a kayak, even when he thinks he’ll paddle hard and get a good workout in, the water relaxes him. But, don’t get me wrong; kayaking can be a workout, too.


If you are doing an out and back, chances are you will get your workout in at least one way when you’re paddling against the current. We also find when open water kayaking, we get a good workout. On two recent trips, we found ourselves in rough water. Working rough water in a tandem kayak takes strength, teamwork, and a bit of sweat. Although it can be scary, the adrenaline rush is great.


Yoga is one of those great workouts where your fitness level is irrelevant when it comes to doing as a couple. It’s an individual activity where you work at your own pace and that relies on your own body. Well, unless you are doing partner or acro-yoga, but we are not that skilled.


While in a class, you follow the instructor but the challenge is your own, based on your flexibility and fitness.


We love hiking to explore new areas, but I love hiking because I do it more often and it is a very different type of fitness than any of the sports in triathlon. I like to pick a hike with climbs, so that my triathlete has to work different muscles he is not used to working, but I am used to. For us, it is much like kayaking in that the beauty of the hike also slows us down and we often take a break and just enjoy the view.


New fitness classes

Off season is a great time for a triathlete to explore new fitness classes. Many of the new ones are done in small groups, so you and your triathlete can sign up together and work out together, but at your own pace. Generally, the instructor will assist you based on what you can do as individuals. We like this, because although we are in the class together, we’re both challenged at our own level. This allows us to be together after class for support and to be able to talk about the class with a common understanding.

During the off season, what is so important to us as a couple is not just having the time together, but having a common interest to share. Being active together allows us to engage in conversation about an activity we both love.


What activities do you like to do with your triathlete?