travel snacks

Travel can be exhausting and arriving fresh and ready to go for us is so important.  There is no need to waste time at your destination just because you don’t feel in peak shape from traveling.  The top thing we neglect as travelers is fuel for our bodies.  We always need to think about snacks and meals to make sure we take care of ourselves.  But, airport food and food on the road can be much different than what we normally eat, along with how “to-go” food is prepared.

Depending on how long our travel will be, we always pack a combination of snacks to assure we will have what we need.  We find that the following are all easy to transport and easy to eat, whether on a plane or in the car.

travel snacks

Use a combination of nuts, so you do not get tired of the same thing.  We always pack extra for the time we are away, too.  Our favorite combination is walnut, almond, and cashew and I often throw in some pumpkin and sunflower seeds.  Unsalted is probably the best bet, so you don’t get too thirsty and dehydrated, plus they’re less messy.  We use the palm measurement when we need a little snack; what fits in our palm is a perfect snack size.
travel snacksFresh and Dried Fruit

Depending on the fruit, we love to carry fresh fruit as much as we can.  The fruits we find that travel best are apples, oranges (not peeled), blueberries, and grapes.  If we have plastic containers to recycle, we will pack strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.  We shy away from bananas, as they do not pack well and go bad quickly.  Dried fruit travels so well, but watch how much you eat… Be careful when you are buying dried fruits to assure there are no sugars or juices added.  We love to mix berries in with our nuts (and chocolate chips sometimes, too).  We also carry dried apples and mangos.  There are so many more to pick from, so go for your favorites.

Nutzzo Balls

These are the easiest protein bites we find to fill you up and take that edge off.  We make Nuttzo Balls in a variety of flavors, perfect for traveling.  We suggest putting them in a bag and freezing them before you leave.

travel snacks Nuttzo

Traveling with yummy pre-cut cheeses and cured meats is a favorite of ours.  They are savory and filling. We use salamis and cured meats that are all natural and nitrate free.  For our cheeses, we stick with hard cheeses and prefer goat and sheep varieties.  We like that they have less whey and are less heavy feeling than cow cheeses.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Yes, some may think these are sticky on a plane, but they are really not if they are fresh and you have pre-peeled them.  I boil and peel the eggs and let them cool a bit.  While cooling, I throw some salt and pepper in a bag, mix, then add the eggs so they are ready to eat.

A couple of hints for traveling with food:

  • We always pack a separate snack bag.
  • Make sure you pick up a fork or knife in the airport to cut the eggs.
  • Pack napkins and a plastic bag with a wet napkin for sticky fingers.
  • Fill up your water bottle before you get on your flight, but after you pass through security.
  • And, most importantly, be sure to place your food bag, or as we call it, our feed bag, under the seat in front of you.

Have a great flight and land fueled!