So, this is how the story goes. A friend sends me this super cool water bottle to check out since I travel so much and I’m a little “green” as in environmentally concerned. Green, in this case, means my whole family always travels with water bottles to fill up. But, lately I was complaining about the filtering process and wanting cleaner water. So, that’s when my friend decides to get involved. Not only has this bottle stopped my complaining, but I realized it’s also perfect for infused waters, which I love. But, wait, then I realized why just water – let’s drink! Which led me to create the Voconut!


The company is called Clean Bottle and it was started by two cyclists. They produce both sports bottles and the Square Water Bottle, which comes in either stainless or tritan plastic and with or without filters and infusers.

Why we use re-usable water bottles

We drink a lot of water and there are two main reasons we use a re-fillable water bottle of our own. First being waste. I do not like that so many water bottles are used once and thrown away or placed into recycling. And second being cost! Have you bought a bottle of water recently in the airport or at a convenience store? We have paid as much as $3.50 for a 16 oz bottle of water. THAT’S CRAZY!

Why I travel with the Square Water Bottle

We travel a lot and find ourselves filling our water bottles in places we should be watching a little more carefully. The Square Tritan Water Bottle solves this issue with its insertable activated charcoal filter that removes many unwanted chemicals from your water. Unless we know the source, we always try to use a filter first. The shape of the bottle makes it easy to fill and easy to carry and the biggest secret, when you drop it, it does not roll away. And, yes, in case you were wondering, it does fit in a cup holder.

clean bottle square tritan water bottle

Cleaning the Clean Bottle is so easy

With all my other water bottles, I never, and I mean never, feel as though they are actually truly clean. There seems to always be something left in them (does black mold sound familiar?), even when I use the bottle brushes or put in the dishwasher. But, the Clean Bottle Tritan Square opens on both ends, allowing me to get to every nook and cranny and the air can move through when drying, allowing it to fully dry.

Infusing the water

Another great feature of this bottle is that the insertable chamber that holds the filter can also be used to infuse water, naturally. When I am at home, I fill the chamber with strawberries, cucumbers, lemon, mint, or any other fresh fruit, vegetable, or herb I want and fill the bottle from the bottom. This allows the water to pass through the chamber and what is in it. I then let it sit for about a half of an hour and drink up. YUM!

clean bottle square tritan water bottle

Let’s get serious

The bottle is also perfect for infusing your favorite adult drink, too! Here is my favorite refreshing drink for us adults. I call it the Voconut. Get it – vodka and coconut.

  • Slice 2-3 strawberries and an equal amount of cucumber
  • Rough chop about 4 leaves of mint
  • Place the above into the Clean Bottle Chamber
  • Pour 2 oz of your favorite vodka through the chamber
  • Add 12 oz of coconut water through the chamber
  • Close the bottom of the bottle and flip over
  • Now, fill the top with ice
  • Let sit for about 15 minutes and enjoy!

clean bottle square tritan water bottle

Some quick notes…

  • The Clean Bottle is BPA free and comes in lots of colors, making it easy for everyone to keep their germs to themselves.
  • They are extremely light weight, making transporting very easy.
  • The retail price is right around $11.99.


Disclosure: I was provided with the Square Tritan Water Bottle for my review. I was not paid for this article. All opinions are my own.