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Are you wondering if taking a Disney Cruise is the way you want to spend your next family vacation? Not sure if your luxury-loving self can survive on a Disney Cruise? I get it! I wasn’t sure if this was the way to go for me either. What I learned, though, is that there are so many ways this cruise line is a step above others. Check out my favorite reasons a family Disney Cruise should be in your future.

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8 Reasons a Family Disney Cruise Will Blow You Away

Character Experiences Galore

You do not have to wait HOURS in the sweltering Florida/California sun to get a photo with Princess Tiana. Yes! Disney Cruise Line offers guests the ability to meet almost all the Disney characters your kids love in a much more parent-friendly way. Be sure to read the Cruise Navigator to know when and where to meet your favorite Disney characters.

meeting disney characters

Just a few Disney characters. Photo credit Disney Cruise Line.

Disney Service = Upscale Service

If you like to stay in hotels like the Ritz-Carlton or Montage, you understand the value of top notch, white glove service on a vacation. Disney gets this. Everyone is greeted with a smile. The ships are all in immaculate shape. Honestly, there is nothing the crew wouldn’t do for you. For those who want premium offerings, opt for the suite category!

dining service on a family Disney Cruise

Photo credit Disney Cruise Line.

Spectacular Water Coaster

On the Disney Dream, they have a really fun water coaster called the AquaDuck. If a roller coaster and a water slide had a baby, this would be it. It’s so fun! I’m not a huge thrill seeking person, but I’m so glad I tried this activity. It was impressive that this attraction was able to accommodate so many ages. It’s fun for the whole family. Really.

does a disney cruise ship have a water slide

AquaDuck at sunset. Photo credit Disney Cruise Line.

Theme Nights

On a Disney Cruise, you can stop adulting so hard and just have fun. Typically, I’m not one who usually likes to dress up on theme nights. However, I was amazed at how much fun I had and wished I had put a little more thought into my costume. Let your inner kid out and go all in on Pirate Night. Plus, the fireworks that went off at sea were really a spectacular cherry on top of a stupendous sundae. Disney Cruise Line ships are the only ships that set off fireworks at sea.

is Disney cruise line the only one to do fireworks at sea

Photo credit Disney Cruise Line.

Lots of Space

For anyone who likes to spread out on vacation, cruise ships notoriously give you very little room to do so. Not so on Disney Cruise Lines ships. Look for two full closets in standard rooms, with comfortable sleeping for 4 adults. They have storage places in drawers, cupboards, shelves, and even under the bed. This may not seem like a big deal, but I’m telling you it’s fantastic to be able to settle in and not feel claustrophobic during your cruise.

a disney cruise room

Photo credit Disney Cruise Line.

I also know parents will really appreciate the privacy screen that separates the kids’ area in the cabin from the parents. I also love that there is a shower room and a toilet room. Both have sinks and some storage areas. And there is actually a bathtub, something that is unusual on most cruise ships, but so important to families with young children.

Castaway Cay Island

Disney Cruise Line ships are able to dock at Castaway Cay, their own private island. Take advantage of activities, food, and attractions without the discomfort and anxiety of being in a different country. Run or walk the Castaway Cay 5K and take home a souvenir finisher medal!

castaway cay island on a family disney cruise

Photo credit Disney Cruise Line.

Guests can also use the on-island supervised kids club, so they can get some time at the adults-only beach, Serenity Cove. Disney even provides sand strollers and wagons to help cart tired kids around easily.

Room Service

Don’t want to get out of bed in the morning? Want a snack in the middle of the day and don’t want to track down a restaurant? Need a sweet treat after the kids are in bed? Disney Cruise has you covered with room service. It includes all the basic necessities families need when it comes to food and drinks. It comes hot, fresh, and quickly. This service is all included in the price of the cruise.

Fish Extenders

I had no idea what fish extenders were before this cruise. Basically they are ‘Secret Santa’ like gift exchanges with select fellow cruisers. You set this up beforehand (search Facebook for your ship and dates). We received some really thoughtful gifts and I was surprised at how gleeful I was when I rounded the corner to our room and saw there were gifts waiting for us. This is just one more gift Disney gives you…the gift of being able to feel as excited as your kids.

Bottom line: A family Disney Cruise is magical!

The Disney magic is sprinkled over all the guests on a Disney Cruise. There were no guests walking around drunk…there are no all-you-can-drink alcohol packages. No need to fast walk through the smoke of an on-board casino…there is no casino. I especially appreciate the multigenerational nature of the other cruisers being in the same life stage as me, including grandparents, parents and kids of all ages.

what are some activities on a family disney cruise

Enjoying early morning yoga. Photo credit Disney Cruise Line.

Everyone was really just happy, including the crew, and excited to be there. It was infectious. This Disney Cruise has ruined me for other cruise lines forever!

What has been your experience on a Disney Cruise?