So, you just got invited to spend the weekend at your friend’s house in Santa Barbara and you’re very excited to go.  Do you want to make sure this isn’t the one and only invite?  Well, there are some things you can do during your visit to ensure you will be invited back.  And in the reverse, there are without a doubt things you can do that will make you a one hit wonder…It’s certainly your choice!

We recently spent the weekend with our friends at their house in Naples and have been several times.  In fact, we’re going to their house in Devon next month, so I guess we can’t be too obnoxious as houseguests.  But, some people are.  Sorry.  I’ve had them in my house as I’m sure you have, too.  What makes them obnoxious?  Well, it pretty much boils down to being inconsiderate and forgetting they’re not the only ones in the house.  It’s just common sense, courteous behavior.  So, if you do want to be invited back, this should help…

So, you just got invited to your friend's house for the weekend. Here's 8 TIPS TO ENSURE YOU GET INVITED BACK. Of course, this is assuming you want to!

Enjoying the weekend at our friends’ house in Naples.

8 Tips to Get Invited Back as a Houseguest

  1. Pick up after yourself during your stay and before you leave.  This should be obvious, but I guess it depends on how people live in their own house.  We are quite tidy, so it’s not a stretch that we treat our hosts’ home in the same manner.  Ask what they want done with the sheets and towels before you leave.  I’ve stripped the bed in the past, but one time I was asked to leave it until they could wash it, so I always ask first now.  I also take the trash down and recycle or throw away and wipe down the bathroom sink.
  2. Just help out with whatever needs to be done.  Don’t wait to be asked or offer to help hoping your host says, “Oh no, just relax.  I’ll do it.”  We’re early risers and get up before our hosts most of the time.  I do things like make coffee, unload the dishwasher, wash dirty dishes, straighten the house, whatever I see that needs to be done and I can do without making a lot of noise.  If they have pets, offer to walk the dog.  I know my sister-in-law’s routine with her pets, so I’ll often feed them, too.

    So, you just got invited to your friend's house for the weekend. Here's 8 TIPS TO GET INVITED BACK AS A HOUSEGUEST. That's assuming you want to!

    Carl feeding the baby at our friend’s house. Certainly not something he normally does!

  3. Don’t announce what you have done to help out.  While I don’t always get a thank you, I know it’s noticed and appreciated and I don’t do it for the recognition.
  4. Try and keep to a similar schedule as your hosts.  It’s really difficult if you want to sleep in until 10 am and your hosts get up at 7 am and are ready to start the day or you are late nighters and they’re ready for bed.  They may even have plans for all of you, so you don’t want to ruin what they may have worked hard to set up.  Hey, you can sleep in or party late at home.
  5. Don’t complain.  If your bed isn’t the most comfortable or your hosts take you to their favorite restaurant and you don’t like it, keep the opinions to yourself.  If you don’t like something they serve to eat, keep the comments to yourself.  Of course, if there’s something that doesn’t work, let them know, but be gracious.

    So, you just got invited to your friend's house for the weekend. Here's 8 TIPS TO GET INVITED BACK AS A HOUSEGUEST. That's assuming you want to!

    Certainly won’t hear us complaining about going to the beach!

  6. Bring a gift.  Unless you have been to their house many times, bringing a gift, no matter how small, is a thoughtful gesture.  But, try to put some thought into it and don’t just buy say, a candle.  A nice bottle of wine is always safe, but make sure it’s what your hosts drink!  If they have pets, a good gift is even a pet toy or treats.
  7. Respect people’s privacy and keep the noise level down.  I don’t think any explanation is really needed here.  But… No barging into rooms unannounced!  Keep TVs and voices down and no slamming doors if people are sleeping.
  8. Either offer to buy groceries or at least pay for some meals out.  Picking up the tab for dinner is the least you can do and seems to be easier than offering to buy groceries.  But, you can always offer to either pay or split the cost at a grocery store.

    Naples, Florida Farmer's Market

    Buying groceries at the Naples Farmer’s Market.

As I said, these are pretty common sense suggestions and the way I bet you’d like your guests to behave at your house.  I’m sure there are other ideas out there, but I think if you follow these, you can be assured of getting asked back.  Of course, that’s assuming you want to be…