We found a little piece of luxury in the Cleveland International Airport and it’s called Airspace Lounge!

When travel bloggers travel together, we often get stuck at the airport for a few hours waiting for flights.  This is exactly what happened on a recent trip to Cedar Point, Ohio when we were at the Cleveland Airport.  With four of us from different cities we tried hard to coordinate, but some of us still had extra time and some took longer to get through security…just sayin – Rebecca you know who you are…..

is the airspace lounge a nice lounge

The bar at Airspace Lounge at the Cleveland Airport.

But, our eyes are always open for a bit of luxury, some diversion, and of course, a place to get some work done.  Sherry spotted a sign and we were hot on the trail to find out more about this place called,  Airspace Lounge,  What a hidden gem it turned out to be one and one none of us had even heard about – something a bit puzzling for a group of travel writers.  Plus, it was conveniently located to all of our flights.

Pete’s coffee, good teas, wine, full premium bar, and good food!

where is an airspace lounge located

A few of the complimentary items available in the Airspace Lounge.

Not to mention, each seat had electrical outlets, there’s free WiFi, and you have access to printing and scanning services!  The only negative to the whole experience was that there was no restroom in the lounge and you had to walk out and around the corner…

The Airspace Lounge is open to the public regardless of airline or class of service for a fee (around $20) and differs based on the airport and amenities.  However, many of the items such as soft drinks, coffee, tea, and some light snacks are free and then you get a credit to apply towards food and alcohol.  If you have an American Express Platinum or Centurion Card, you not only get in free and can bring 2 guests, but you also get a gift card to use on food or drinks while you are there.  Just a side note – We have to say this lounge was better than some of the domestic Priority Pass lounges you also have access to with the American Express Platinum card.

The menu was available all day and although we only had wine, we peeked over the shoulders of others who had food and were impressed.  The menu seemed very European inspired and offered great breakfast to light meal options, including cheese and antipasto plates.

is the food good at an airspace lounge

The menu at Airspace Lounge.

As of now, Airspace only has lounges in Cleveland, JFK in New York City, San Diego, and BWI (Baltimore-Washington).  Let’s hope they will be expanding very soon.  In the meantime, if you find yourself flying in or out of any of these airports and need a bit of respite, check out this hidden gem and enjoy!  You may also want to check out the app LoungeBuddy, which can connect you to lounges at airports around the world.

do they offer free drinks at an airspace lounge

Three bloggers enjoying a glass of wine and a chat in the Airspace Lounge.