The best NYC hotel has room for everyone in their suites.

Looking for the best NYC hotel? I have found it! And it’s probably not the hotel you think.

The Grande Suite at the Michelangelo
The Grande Suite at the Michelangelo

I have been staying in the Michelangelo Hotel in New York City for years!  I mean SO many years!  But it is not the only place where I stay when I am in NYC.  I book rooms all over the city and for all different reasons, but the Michelangelo is my go-to and what I consider the number 1 best NYC hotel. 

Why the Michelangelo? 

The Michelangelo is one of those awesome old-school NYC hotels, but with an Italian flair.  The Michelangelo is the only United States and North America-based Starhotels Collezione hotel.  The other twelve are located in Europe. 

  • The rooms are super spacious, which is difficult to find in New York City.
  • The hospitality is wonderful (minus one person who knows it and owns it) and the feel is homey.  
  • Centrally located right off Times Square, this hotel makes it easy to go anywhere in the city.
  • It is a home-away-from-home type of hotel, whether it is your first stay or 50th stay.  
  • It provides a fantastic vibe for girlfriend trips. I have done a few of these trips here and will be repeating again soon. (I will share a perfect girlfriend’s trip I took recently where we stayed here.) 

Why I don’t ALWAYS stay at the Michelangelo? 

While I contend that the Michelangelo is the best NYC hotel, I do stay in other hotels in New York for three main reasons.  

  1. I am in the city for a specific reason and want to stay in a specific neighborhood. Sometimes this is because David is in the city on a work trip, and I am joining him 
  2. I want to check out a specific hotel because it is new, an icon I have yet to stay in, or it has a restaurant that is impossible to get into unless you are staying there 
  3. I am looking for the ultimate in pampering, like breakfast in bed at the Conrad or a bathtub with a view at the Whitby or Beekman. 

Downsides to the Michelangelo

Yes, I have called this place the best NYC hotel, but I am always honest with you and have to share the areas for improvement in this hidden gem.

  1. It needs an update. The reality is we tend to squint past the dated parts because of the room sizes and all the other benefits. 
  2. There is currently no valet, and though the parking lot is right down the street, it can be a pain if you have a good deal of luggage.
  3. There is no secure elevator. Some people may not care about this, but it does scare me a bit. However, between the door staff, front desk and security, I do feel safe and have never had a problem.  Plus, it is a smaller hotel, so the staff knows who is coming and going. 

The Location

This hotel is close to all the shopping you want to do in NYC.
Drinks at the Shoe Bar- Minus 1- at Nordstrom’s

The Michelangelo is located at 5st Street and 7th Avenue.  Yes, right on the North end of Times Square! I love it.  You are near Hell’s Kitchen and around the corner from some of my favorite restaurants like Milo’s, Joe’s Shanghai and so many more.  A few food courts have moved into the neighborhood, and more exciting places are slated to open soon on 51st St.  

For shopping, you have all the classics within a short walk to 5th Ave. And Flagship Nordstroms is just a few blocks North.  Central Park and Rockefeller Center are just a stone’s throw away, and the subway is a few blocks in any direction, making it easy to get anywhere. Taking a car service?  Being centrally located makes getting around simple.  And so many museums are within a quick walk too.   

Truly the location is one of my favorite things about The Michelangelo.  And if you are on a major shopping spree, no worries- someone is always at the front door to accept your packages. Being so close to all the major stores means they may even deliver your goods for you. 

The other great bonus is that my favorite nail salon is nearby.  I have to admit my friends, and I have spent many hours there.  Honestly, I have been using this salon for years.  

The Rooms and Suites 

The best NYC hotel has room for everyone in their suites.
The suites are perfect for a girls’ getaway in NYC- One Bedroom Queen Suite

The rooms and suites are a big part of the reason why I think the Michelangelo is the best NYC hotel. I suggest you pick your room carefully, though, based on your needs and desires.  Also, be aware that the hotel has only winding halls and that are some rooms with no views.  These are just fine for additional rooms when you are going with a group. (Yes, the rooms are dated and need to be refreshed, but I am okay with all that because of all the other pluses for me. )

There are two main types of rooms: the executive and the studio. They are just about the same, but the studio has more room and a spacious foyer.  They are perfect for connecting rooms to a suite when traveling with others. 

You can make this hotel room your own.
We enjoy bringing in our favorite local massage therapist to get a little relaxation in-room.

I am a Michelangelo Suite lover.  I love the extra space. I often travel with others, and we love to order in and hang out in our suite.  There are many suites, and I have stayed in most of them.  Although I prefer the Grande Suite when traveling with more than one friend, the King and Queen Suites are wonderful too.  Both have ample gathering space and seating for a crowd.  A nice bonus to a Grande Suite is the extra bathroom.  And another is that they have connecting rooms you can also reserve.  

The People 

I truly love the people at The Michelangelo.  From before I get there to during and after my visits, they are just wonderful.  Many of the staff have been there since I first started to stay there. Now it is New York City, so there is one grumpy staffer at the front desk, but he knows it and owns it. It could turn people off, but you have now been warned.  Other than that, the rest of the team is incredible. 

The Restaurant and Lounge

The best NYC hotel also has the best food.
The Sarabeth popovers are always fun and don’t forget the truffle fries- in PJs always.

The restaurant and lounge are located in the lobby.  The restaurant is open for breakfast and then closed for the day and re-opens for drinks, bites and dinner at 5 PM.  The lounge is lush and designed in an Italian style.  It is a perfect space to gather and visit over tea or a cocktail.  The menu is also well-rounded and everything I have had has been great. 

One of my favorite parts of the Michelangelo Hotel is something others may consider small: the chandeliers in the elevators. These are so special to me and give the hotel that grand, Old World feel. I always look to stay at the Michelangelo when I can. There are some things the hotel can update, but everything else makes it so worth it. The Michelangelo is home to me in New York. It is consistent, and it is comfortable.  It is the best NYC hotel for me and always will be.