I used to try a lot of beauty products when I was younger. Well, actually not that long ago…I’d read a great review in a magazine and just have to buy it. Usually I ended up being disappointed and it’s probably still sitting in a drawer. I tend to hoard beauty products, because I guess I think they’ll get better with age or I’ll use them one day. Bad idea and I’m sure you can relate.

Along with getting older has come a distinct change in my buying habits. I pretty much buy the same products now over and over and have stopped experimenting. I’ve found ones that work, meet my production standards, and I don’t cringe when I see the price. It saves a lot of time and money, even if the products are a bit more. So, I’m here to share my fabulous beauty finds that I really use and hopefully, so will you!

Fabulous Beauty Finds

Charlotte Tilbury

I started buying Charlotte Tilbury skincare and make up products when we lived in London, so I’ve been using them for about 10 years. They’re reasonably priced, last a long time, and work well.

is charlotte tilbury one of your fabulous beauty finds

Some of my favorites, and there are many, include:

  • Magic Cream
  • Magic Eye Rescue
  • Unisex Healthy Glow
  • Wonder Glow
  • Multi-Miracle Glow
  • Beach Stick
  • Color Chameleon Eyeshadow

When I’m doing a short trip and space is key, I take the Magic Cream which does multiple duty. It even has an SPF 15. Then, I take the Multi-Miracle Glow because it’s a cleanse, mask, and balm in one. It’s not sticky and smells wonderful.

I also like the Healthy and Wonder Glow products as I’m not a foundation girl and these give me a nice bit of color. I have the eyeshadow in 5 different colors and wear them a lot. It’s a pencil that glides on and looks a bit smudgy and stays on well and I have a bit of oily skin.

Drunk Elephant

I am really trying to buy organic and few ingredient products to put on my face and body these days and so I researched products that met my needs. Drunk Elephant, which promotes clean skincare, was one such company. They’ve pared down their ingredients to a select few clinically effective, focusing on safety and bio-compatibility.

I switched from my Skinceuticals CE & Feurilic Acid and Hydrating B-5 Gel to Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Day Serum and B-Hydra Gel. Their prices are less and I certainly can say just as effective from my experience over the past year. Plus, I LOVE their twist top. They don’t use caps; you just twist and pump. It’s the way every top should be.

what products from drunk elephant are your fabulous beauty finds

Photo credit Drunk Elephant.

I also took  The Littles Kit  set with me on a recent vacation and it had all the product I needed for day and night. Next, I’m going to try the Protini Polypeptide Cream. I’ll keep you updated.

Kai Perfume

I’ve got two perfumes for you that I bet you’ve never heard of, but I’m only sharing one with you right now – Kai. I found them at a shop in Newport, Rhode Island about 15 years and they both hold space in my perfume rotation, along with my Jo Malone Grapefruit. Kai is a nice blend of gardenia wrapped in white exotics. Kai is offered in fragrance, bath, body, and home care products. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this perfume and I’ve yet to meet one person who knew of the brand.

is kai fragrance one of your fabulous beauty finds

Photo credit Kai Fragrance.

Honest Beauty Mascara

I’ve stopped using other mascara these days. I recently tried a Maybelline one that promoted super lush lashes and threw it away after one try. I’m done experimenting. Honest Beauty goes on great in one coat, doesn’t clump, and removes easily. Oh, it makes my lashes look great. I use one coat during the day if I’m applying for a more natural look and add another for a more lush look at night. I really don’t use the primer that often, but a lot of people swear by them.

is honest beauty mascara one of your fabulous beauty finds

Photo credit Honest Beauty.

You can buy it at places like Target and Amazon for around $21.

Perricone MD No Lip Lipgloss

Another one of my fabulous beauty finds is Perricone lipgloss. It is like the mascara. I found one I LOVE and the search for anything else is over. It has a nice natural pink color to it and doesn’t go on sticky. It looks good alone or gives just a nice shine over lipstick. Plus, it has SPF 15 built in. You can buy this anywhere you buy Perricone products including Amazon for around $15.

what are some fabulous beauty finds that I'll actually use

Alterna Haircare

I’ve tried many Alterna Haircare products and to be honest, have liked them all. I initially bought the Bamboo Collection products which promotes strong hair at Sephora a long time ago. Later, I switched to the Caviar Anti-Aging line which restores hydration, strength, and elasticity.

what are some fabulous beauty finds like alternative haircare

Photo credit Alterna Haircare.

I love the ones for color-treated hair, the anti-frizz dry oil mist, and the 10 in 1 CC Cream. The products are all eco-certified with sustainably harvested products. The company believes in luxury haircare without harsh and harmful chemicals. So do I…

What are some of your favorite fabulous beauty finds? Share…