what are finds at the new york international auto show like the genesis

We were so excited to get a sneak peek of the New York International Auto Show last week and happy to say it will be open through April 8th. You can find all the details in our recent article about the auto show and the Genesis.

We love cars…We love the luxury cars we own. We love the cars that get our dogs around and the cars we have bought for our kids. We even love the cars we rent while traveling and the cars we buy for short-term use commuting to different cities. We just love cars period.

And the truth is, we talk about cars. It is said that women are driving the car buying decisions more and more and we agree. We found so many women looking at cars, designing cars, building cars, talking about cars, and running businesses around cars at the New York Auto Show.

Here are our top five Fabulous Finds from the New York International Auto Show, but realize there are so many more Fabulous Finds you should really make your way there or to a local car show.

what are some fab finds at the new york international auto show

Please also know we were guests of A Girl’s Guide to Cars at the NY International Auto Show and our other article was sponsored. This one was not!


I am a luxury car driver, but my number one concern when buying and driving a car is safety. Period! That said, I certainly love a sexy and comfy car. I love sleek lines, curves, textures, amazing colors, quilting, and plush fabrics. I am not a technology “bells and whistles” girl, but I love a smooth and comfy ride.

Well, I walked up to the Genesis area and there was this little sexy concept car that caught my eye with my favorites, Pirelli tires. I mean it had it all, plus blue velvet, rose gold trim, and quilting. I just wanted to curl up in it.

what are some fab finds at the new york international auto show

Interior of the Genesis.

So, I had to check out the details about the Genesis and WOW, who knew! Obviously, not me…Now I just can’t wait to get in one and take a test drive. I’ll also admit there’s a little girl crush going on here, too. This car is designed a group that includes a large number of women who I had the pleasure of meeting. And you can tell their input by the detail to the trim, color, placement of features, and so much more.

Women’s Choice Award

While I was drooling all over the Genesis cars, a woman, Delia Passi, approached me. After a few minutes of chat about the show and cars, she asked if I knew about the Women’s Choice Awards. I did not. I am so happy we met. I spent the next few days checking out the website for the Women’s Choice Award and all it offers. Then, I stated telling all my friends about it.

Their mission is simple… “to give women a collective voice so that they (women) can help each other identify brands, products ,and services that deserve her loyalty and referrals”. I LOVE THIS. Not only do we have friend-to-friend, but now we have a whole organization to stand behind our decisions, provide a forum, and even have awards voted on by women for women to help us all.

what were some finds at the new york international auto show

Delia Passi of Women’s Choice Award.

Meeting Delia was a true highlight of my night and I have to thank Genesis for having her with them, as they have won a Women’s Choice Award.

A Girl’s Guide to Cars

A big thank you to the A Girls Guide to Cars team for inviting LifeDoneWell to a Girl’s Night Out at the New York International Auto Show. We love A Girl’s Guide to Cars for so many reasons, but mainly because it is women talking to women about cars. It’s moms sharing tips, experiences, and reviews of family cars. Women of all ages sharing road trip information as well as cool cars we all need now! A quick overview of A Girl’s Guide to Cars will give you all you need when headed out to buy and finance a car. It’s real women talking to experts and other real women. It is like they just get you.


I am at a new point in my life. It’s now about kids graduating college and needing cars. My kids were always city kids and never needed a car, but the time has come when they do. And checking out what is new at Toyota got me really excited.

As safety always comes first especially when it comes to my kids driving, the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback caught my eye with its Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. But we also found so many other features our son will enjoy, all packed into a little hatchback perfect for the city.

what are some finds at the ny international auto show

The sporty Toyota Rav4.

But who knew this mom, who also has a car for her dogs, would peek inside the 2019 Toyota RAV4. Now I am thinking the dog car does not need to be a luxury car, but when I need a new one, I’m looking at options like this beauty.

Auto Gravity

We always hear horror stories from friends and family about financing vehicles. The bank, the dealer, the paperwork, the back and forth…While visiting Kia, I was able to chat with two of the women behind Auto Gravity, which is so cool. It is literally the easiest way to get your car financed and have options.

what are some finds at the new york international auto show

The Auto Gravity panda.

You are in total control and when you walk into the dealership your only concern is which car and in which color. Your financing is done. You simply download the app and follow the steps. You will get up to Four Fair Financing options. Plus, there are many other invaluable tools within the app to make you a great car buyer.

The New York International Auto Show is a must visit for all!

Which car are you looking to buy next?