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It’s no surprise that I love organic and sustainable products. After all, it’s up to all of us to be good stewards of our planet for future generations. So, for this week’s Fabulous Finds, I’m highlighting some great products from bambu that make it easy to live more sustainably in our hectic lives. Portland, Oregon based bambu focuses on making beautifully modern, affordable, and earth-friendly products. Read on for my favorites from this cool brand.

fabulous finds from bambu

Fabulous Finds from bambu


First up is the spoontula, which is exactly what it sounds like: part spoon and part spatula. At only $5, this handcrafted utensil is so useful for any cooking in my kitchen. Not only does it replace a usually plastic kitchen item, the bamboo surface is naturally anti-microbial and stain resistant and won’t scratch my pots and pans. Win-win-win.

bambu cooking utensils

Photo credit bambu.

Artisan bambu Cutting & Serving Board

This cute cutting board pulls double duty. It can serve as a traditional cutting surface, but is also attractive enough to be used as a serving piece. Two sizes are available. There’s an original and mini option, sure to meet any of my hostessing needs. This board would be perfect for charcuterie or for hummus with some of my farm fresh veggies grown right here at Sugar Water Manor.

bambu cutting boards

Photo credit bambu.

Travel Utensil Set

Sustainability shouldn’t take a back seat during travel. So, I love this travel fork, knife, and spoon set that comes with its own pouch. It allows me to experience all the adventure abroad that I want, without leaving my eco-friendly values at home. Plus, it’s a great way to lessen my reliance on single use plastics.

bambu utensil travel kit in pouch

Photo credit bambu.

Cork Bowls

Available in three sizes, I just can’t get enough of these cork serving bowls. So far, I’ve used them for bread baskets and to hold produce from the farm. I can’t wait to try them for a ton of other needs, too. They’re especially great because cork is both readily available and a naturally renewable resource.

cork bowl from bambu

Party Plates

Nothing is more of a drag than washing dishes after throwing a party. Enter these veneerware bamboo compostable plates. Not only can they replace tons of harmful plasticware, but they’re actually simple and attractive. They come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes for any hostess use imaginable. Try out the sample box if you’re not sure what to order your first time.

bambu party plates

I love supporting companies that care about causes, too. It just makes me feel good to be intentional with my spending. So, I especially love all the partner organizations that bambu donates to and works with to help make a difference in the world. There’s truly a lot to love about this company, and these fabulous finds are just the start!

bambu product line

PS: Be sure to try out some of bambu’s great offerings, and enjoy free shipping on orders of $75 or more! Please be aware, some of these popular products sell out from time to time, so check the website for availability.

Disclaimer: I was gifted with a box of products from bambu, but all opinions remain my own.