Let’s talk about Dad…My dad to be exact. Growing up, my dad traveled a lot. This meant that those days he was home to watch MASH with us before dinner were special. On weekends, he would run errands on Saturday and often bring home deli for lunch. He was there, present, and not fazed by raising three strong women. Now, fast forward to 2020…I have not seen my dad since January.  

My parents drove down to visit us right before all the crazy started. I wish so much they would have stayed then and sheltered in place with us. But the truth is, they left just a couple of days before things got nuts. I am used to picking up and going to visit them when I want and I adore spending time with the two of them. They have a wonderful life. He enjoys his gardens, birds that come to visit every day, and they have great neighbors. It makes the not seeing him a little better, but I still miss my dad. 

father's day gift ideas

My dad is a quiet man. I mean he had to be with 4 strong women in the house. But with my 24 year old twins, he is not quiet. He has built individual relationships with them that are amazing. They talk on the phone and often my dad will call me and say things like, “That’s so exciting about Sam”, and I am like – what? 

The twins talk to him so regularly that often he knows stuff before me and I am honestly so happy about that! My dad will be getting something on the list below. I just can’t tell you what for fear he will find out…

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it is time to order your dad that perfect gift. We know that not every dad is the same and each has their favorite activities or hobbies. So, we put together a list of Father’s Day gift ideas for every dad. As a bonus, we made sure dad can enjoy each of these gifts at home. 

what are some father's day gift ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad

The Grill Master

For the new Grill Master, we suggest a full kit. Not only is it practical, but this one looks impressive and will make him look like a pro. This set contains all dad needs to grill anything and everything. As a bonus, it comes in it’s own case.

what's a father's day gift idea for a griller

Photo credit Grillart.

If dad is a seasoned Grill Master, we have the perfect accessory for you. These LED lights are magnetic and water resistant. I will tell you that my husband uses them just about nightly when we grill. But added bonus…they’re not just for grilling!

The Gardener

Is your dad out in the garden all the time? Both by husband and dad find gardening relaxing. You can find them in the garden trimming, pulling weeds, or just pretending to be busy. But having a good set of trimmers is so important. 

what are some father's day gift ideas for the gardner

Photo credit Fiskars.

We suggest these scissors as they are so versatile. I will admit that I think we have a pair in every pocket we own. They do a lot more than trim and come in a little case. They are also sharp enough to cut thin wire, harvest lettuce, and open a bag quickly. Dad will cherish these.  

The Golfer 

There are many choices for gifts for the dad who golfs. So many gadgets, accessories, and of course, clothes. But one that seems to be popular with many golfers is the GPS golf watch. Since we have triathletes in the family, Garmin is a familiar and reliable product name to us. So, I might suggest the Approach S20 GPS golf watch.

what are some father's day gift ideas for the golfer

Photo credit Garmin.

It comes preloaded with more than 41,000 courses from around the world and map updates are automatic. It is stylish, accurate, and lightweight and can even double as an everyday watch. You can track the clubs you use, keep score, and download the information to a computer for further analysis. Sorry, though, not guaranteed to improve their score!

The Fisherman

And when we say Fisherman, we really mean Fly-Fisherman as that is what we know…

father's day gift ideas like fly fishing equipment

We gave my dad this book, “The History of Fly-Fishing In Fifty Flies” as a gift a few years ago. This book is not a read and put on a shelf book. It has great information and is so inspiring. It will be a great surprise for dad.

The Biker (the kind with peddles)

Being home means lots of time on the bike, which means lots of smelly bike clothes. Now is the perfect time for a new fun bike kit. We love going all the fun gear at Free Style Cycling. They have the perfect kit for every dad personality.  

The Exercise Guy

There is one gift you can get the dad who loves to workout, but might not be able to get to the gym. It is the TRX. It is the perfect workout, because it’s a piece of equipment that is versatile, portable, effective and fun! Plus, there are products for every budget.

what are some father's day gift ideas for the exercising dad

Photo credit TRX.

Maybe if you are super nice dad will let you use it, too. Just make sure he gets instruction to use the TRX first.

The Dog Lover

If there’s a dog in the house, there is just one gift that will make their lives complete; the SparklyPets Hands Free Leash. It is not just for running, but perfect for all types of activities, including just hanging out in the yard grilling. Our pups love that with this leash, they can be close to us and we love that our hands are free. 

The Beer Guy

Nothing says Father’s Day love like a nice cold beer. Well, yes, there is something –  beer of the month club. It is the gift that keeps on giving all year and dad will remember how much he loves you…Well, at least once every month.

what are some father's day gift ideas for every dad

Photo credit beer of the month.

You can pick the type of beer and price point to make it an individualized gift.

The Wine Lover

One of our favorite gifts to give dad is wine. We always head to wine.com.

We like looking for wine with special meaning to dad; one that tells a story or one that will make him enjoy it a little more. The best thing is that by using our link you can get up to 40% off on some of their bottles during “The Good Stuff Sale”. 

The Music Man

With lots of home time, we know that dads all over are picking up old hobbies or enjoying a little more time with their hobbies. For those who love music, we have the perfect gift – a thumb piano! Yes, a thumb piano.

Not only is it fun, but will give dad a chance to learn something new. 

And we have some bonus shelter in place Father’s Day gift ideas for you as well…

Puzzles, crossword books, make him a video, send him a slide show with lots of pictures.

Happy Father’s Day!

What are some of your favorite Father’s Day gift ideas?