August 20, 2014

Well, Day 6 and I did it.  Getting fit at 46 – I got it done!  I’ve managed to be active each day so far and get in those workouts, regardless.

Today was one of those rare days my trihubby slept in and didn’t leave until after 6 am.  While it’s nice to get some extra zzzzz’s, this meant that I lost a whole 1.5 hours of my day and each hour with my family is precious this week.  Besides, it just really throws your whole day off… I always get dressed ready to workout, so at least that’s done.  Yup, not today.  Up and walked the pups in my PJs and I didn’t even get in my workout clothes until 7 am.

When I was an Early Childhood School Director, a mom once said the best thing ever to me.  “I wake up and put on my workout clothes, so whether or not I actually workout, I feel like I did, because I look the part”.  Well, then again, she was a cute, little 30 year old who could look great in a brown sack!  Not me.

twcgfat46821-3photo 1

Last time I’ll see this image for a long time….

After  I had 3 work calls, made breakfast for the twins, and walked the dogs to camp, I realized my design and shade guy would be here in an hour.  It was now or never for my workout.  I really thought about the never, as the twins were both sitting in the window seat and I just wanted to be with them.  But, I have to set an example, right?  So, I ran to the river and back.  Got in a half an hour and and realized it was now lunch time.  I hate this.

So, sweaty and gross in my not-so-cute little workout outfit, I had the meeting and then made lunch for the twins.  Two more calls later and finally, I was able to get a shower.  It was one of those days and the twins last day at home.  But, I was terrified that with leaving tomorrow, if I didn’t just do it, this whole GettingFitAt 46 thing would be finished!

My Sam gets dropped off at his dorm first this Sunday, so it was his choice for dinner.  We took the long walk to Hiro 88; down 5 flights of stairs!  Hubby and I shared a sushi roll and a delicious dish of chicken and broccoli, so both food and fitness have been a success today.

Now, I am off to tear up, as I make sure the twins are all set for our departure tomorrow.  Can’t be.  Really, it can’t be…