For 9 months my husband commuted from our home in Austin, Texas to our soon to be home in the Omaha Old Market. Like many business travelers my husband would arrive late on Sunday and just wanted something good to eat before heading to the hotel. He is not alone, Omaha has a ton of travelers each week. Finding great food late night can be a challenge in many towns but Omaha was particularly difficult until he stumbled upon Wilson and Washburn.

The kitchen is open until MIDNIGHT! And they serve real food the right way! It has become one of our neighborhood favorites now that we are here full time. As a realfood wife and mom it is important to me that even when eating out we get good food. W&W does it right with fresh produce, homemade condiments and the house made chips that rock! The food is not over dressed or too fancy but simply done right!

Beet Burger at Wilson and Washburn

Two of our favorite are the beet burger, vegan! And the cheese burger. Even the kids who don’t care for beets and eat them because I serve them love the beet burger. W&W serve it on a vegan bun with housemade peanut butter. I do believe it is the first and only thing my husband has ordered, although he loves what we all order too and is happy to partake in our leftovers. The cheese burger has the most amazing housemade red onion jam. I wish Chef Travis would jar it to sell.

Craft drinks and Beer at Wilson and Washburn

This neighborhood gem and located a block from two of Omaha’s best hotels, The Magnolia and Hotel Deco. Watch for more on the history of Wilson and Washburn and full restaurant review coming soon, but in the meantime get there and eat and eat there often. And when arriving late at the. Airport head right over for a good meal and wonderful craft beer before checking into your hotel!