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These homemade gift ideas come from the heart. DIY gifts are treasured forever by their recipients. Check out over 20 of our favorite ideas! 

There’s nothing better than a homemade gift. Not only does it show you thought of your gift recipient, it shows you put in love and time to create the gift as well. 

While it’s easy to find a gift from the store, a homemade gift takes effort and that shows. I’ve curated 20 of my favorite Homemade Gift Ideas for the special people in your life. I think you will find something for just about everyone on your holiday shopping list with these homemade gift ideas. 

These ideas are pretty frugal and cost effective, too. And don’t let these gift ideas turn you away because you think you may not be crafty enough! I promise you I picked gift ideas that were easy and uncomplicated to create.

Why make a homemade gift?

A homemade gift is from the heart. It is unique and something that everyone truly appreciates. They appreciate it because you put work into. It does not mean that it is the best type of gift but one that needs to be thought about.

Do homemade gifts save you money?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about homemade gifts. They do not always save you money. By the time you buy all you need if may be the same price as a store bought gift. Then if you add in the cost of your time for sure the homemade gift might be more than a store bought gift.

Can I make homemade gifts in bulk?

Yes and we highly recommend it. Making the gifts in bulk allows you time to customize each one when packaging or tagging.

Here are some reasons you should make homemade gifts to give this year.

They can be personalized…Even if you are making in bulk, you can personalize each one with the packaging.

There is a sense of the unexpected…If you do not usually give a homemade gift, this will make it very special.

They are perfect even for the person who has everything…A homemade gift is one of a kind, making it even perfect for the person who has everything. Take a look at these Christmas Gin Gifts.

homemade gift ideas like these christmas gin gifts

Photo credit Wallet Moth.

They can be less expensive…Often, when you take out the cost of your time, the cost of a homemade gift can be less.

You are sharing your talents…Many of the people you may give a homemade gift to may not know you have such a talent and  this will be a nice surprise.

You may inspire someone to start a hobby…Giving a homemade gift may actually inspire someone to start a new hobby or show off their talents.

The wrapping can be part of the gift…Many of the homemade gifts we have here are beautiful themselves, but the wrapping paper actually makes the gift that much more special. 

The final thing I love about homemade gifts is that you determine what is in it…If you are making a baking jar and you have strong feelings about using organic products, you can be sure to include all organic products.

This holiday season I have blocked out time to make homemade gifts. It has always been very important to me to put my heart into the gifts I give. Even when I am just putting together a grouping of gifts to give in a bundle, I love to take the time to carefully curate and package the gift.

20 of our Favorite Homemade Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

These homemade gift ideas come from the heart. DIY Gifts are always treasured forever by their recipients. Check out over 20 of our favorite homemade gift ideas! 

Tell us in the comments which of these homemade gift ideas are your favorites! And be sure to check out all of our other gift guides.