celebrating international women's day

I see no better way to support International Women’s Day on March 8 than supporting the women who strive everyday just to survive and eke out a living for their families.  Let me explain…

Currently, I am spending a wonderful vacation in Belize.  I am in the southern most district of Toledo, staying at the beautiful Belcampo Belize.  I am having a fantastic and eye opening adventure on my own or with a guide,  while my husband spends his days fly fishing in the area.   One tour that the dynamic guides offer is a market trip to the town, Punta Gorda.  It is the largest and only city in the district with a population of 5000.  The rest of Toledo is made up of villages.

Our morning started with a trip to the “farmer’s market” and ended at MayaBags.  I walked in and I was in love.  I was at home.  I knew these bags.  Well, yes, yes I did.  They were the bags I have lusted after at Anthropologie.   I needed to know more and was so impressed by what I found out…

how to celebrate international women's day with mayabags

MayaBags started from a vision in 1990 of saving fish to 1999 and saving not only the handiwork of the Maya women, but empowering them to be household income earners.  What also came out of this vision was encouraging the women to send their girls to school to learn.  The women are shareholders and now businesswomen, taking their handiwork to the world.  MayaBags is not about charity, but about empowerment and providing the women with the necessary skills to allow them to become business leaders in their villages.

So, the next time you look to purchase something for yourself or for a gift, take a minute and think about how your purchase could make a difference in someone else’s life and check out MayaBags.

how to celebrate international women's day

How are you celebrating International Women’s Day?