are there any las vegas luxury hotel rooms deals out there like from Hotwire

UPDATE 11/22/17: Not surprising, but this amazing deal from Hotwire has SOLD OUT! 
Looking for one more getaway for the holiday season, but feeling the need for a bit of pampering? Well, we found the deal for you! Thanks to Hotwire and their Million Dollar Sale, you can get away this December for $50 a night.

Just think of it…Rooms that usually average about $432 a night going for $50. And these are not just any rooms. These are five-star hotel rooms that give you a chance to enjoy a bit of luxury in Las Vegas and not feel guilty. Basically, you just need to book a room and go.

are there las vegas luxury hotel rooms deals for the holidays through Hotwire

Photo credit Hotwire.

So, here’s the deal. Hotwire wants to say thank you and give everyone the opportunity to enjoy five-star travel. To accomplish this, they have invested one million dollars to offset the cost to the traveler. You get to save over $350 a night and Hotwire will pick up the difference until their million dollars are gone. So, basically you pay $50 a night and Hotwire pays the rest.

All we can say is...Book your rooms NOW!
What you need to know
There is no catch…just some details you need to know.

  • You can start booking NOW! And don’t wait, once the million dollars is gone, the deal is gone.
  • This deal is good for travel between December 8-28, 2017.
  • These $50 rates are available for a maximum of two nights and only at participating hotels.
  • Rooms are based on double occupancy.
  • Rates do not include hotel taxes.
  • Book now and worry about the details, like the dog sitter, later. This deal will go fast.
  • Visit the award winning Hotwire site for this deal.

is Hotwire offering any las vegas luxury hotel rooms for the holidays

Photo credit Hotwire.

What you need to do
We repeat…BOOK SOON before the million dollars is gone. Click on over to Hotwire. Once on the website, go to hotels and enter Las Vegas as your destination. You will then be able to find all the information you need to filter the five-star hotels’ priorities to your preferences, like neighborhood, amenities, or reviews.

Once you are done searching, boom…you can book. Granted, you will not see the names of the hotels like all other Hotwire bookings, but you will be booked at a five-star hotel that meets your filter requests. You will see the hotel once you receive your confirmation. This allows Hotwire to partner with hotels that usually do not discount.

are there any las vegas luxury hotel rooms deals out there like from Hotwire
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