I am so excited to announce that Katy Spratte Joyce has joined MomsGoodEats as a contributing writer. Katy will focus on content for our Millennial Done Well section, as well as food, travel, and events for the rest of our platforms.

A Minnesota native, Katy now calls Omaha her “homaha”. Her passions include philanthropy, travel, cooking, her two black labs Molly & Murph, her new hubby Skip, wine, volunteering, and spending time up north at her lake home.

Katy works for a local Omaha startup called TAGG (Together A Greater Good) that connects charities with companies and turns everyday purchases into funds raised for your favorite causes. She was also a popular bridal blogger for Wedding Essentials Omaha, an Omaha World Herald publication, as “Miss Rose Gold” and has been a featured guest blogger for the Junior League of Omaha blog, Connections.

Be sure to connect with Katy on her personal instagram @ksprats, and her health food focused insta @healthkickmidwest.

I am a home cook that does things my way. In my kitchen, I make breakfast, pack lunches, prepare snacks, and cook dinner. During the week, we eat real food that is homemade, organic, and local. On the weekends we do explore more of our local restaurants. I bake my own bread, juice fresh oranges every other day, and make my own kombucha and other weekly favorites.