SHERRY chose RELEASE:   to free from something that confines, constrains, or holds back.

Not really being into resolutions, but still wanting to participate in the spirit of the season, the TriWives chose to opt for the “one word resolution” as our friend, Lindsay Cotter, had suggested and we loved the idea.  You have just read what word I chose.  But walking my dogs the other morning, I had a revelation of sorts – my word is in serious need of a reboot……

First, let me tell you why I chose this word:

As I thought about my word, I realized that I may take chances in some areas of my life, but I am restrained in accomplishing a lot due to fears.  While I do recognize the constraints these fears impose on my life and have for a long time, it has remained difficult for me to let them go.  Hence, I am going to RELEASE the fear this year and see how much more I can achieve.  I will vow to:

    • free myself from the fear of taking action – my new mantra will be “don’t hesitate”
    • free myself from worrying about daily life and things that I cannot control or that may never happen
    • free myself to try new things and be bold
    • free myself to realize others feel the exact same way AND that I am the only one holding me back

Now, back to the morning walk and the realization that I have not “released” much.  Here’s PART of what went through my mind:

  • Looking at my roof and still seeing ice:  What’s an ice dam?  Is that it?  Will we get water in the house?  Should I walk through and check it out?
  • I’m happy that it’s warm, but are we going to get water in the basement from all the melting?  Should I move the snow from around the house?  Will it make a difference?


  • What’s that car doing there?  Watch, the woman will get out just as we’re walking by and I’ll have to pull the pups away.
  • It’s supposed to be cold again next week and snow.  Will trihubby have a problem with his flight?
  • We have to hire someone to put the new logo on our blog.  I’m afraid if I try, I’ll shut the site down.  Or should I try?
  • Should I even by thinking of skiing?  What happens if I fall?  I could really get hurt.  You did fine last year, but you’re another year older.

All this chatter in my mind was literally exhausting, but didn’t stop when I walked in the door.

  • I’ll have to check the basement later today with all the rain we’re supposed to get.  Where will all this water go?
  • I really need to do more fundraising for the wildlife center.  But, I don’t know who else to contact and I REALLY hate to ask people for money.  Why did I agree to this?  Should I stay on the Board?
  • Why didn’t I ever learn Italian?  (Haven’t a clue where that came from – no trips planned – totally random thought).
  • Will everyone get along at dinner tomorrow night?  I probably should have invited……

Plus, in case you hadn’t noticed, my mind jumps from topic to topic.  I can’t even resolve one worry before jumping to the next!!!  One thing I have learned is to keep much of this worry to myself (thank God I can now share with you) as it really drives my husband nuts when I go on about “what if”.  See, he doesn’t worry about what may never happen and focuses on what is.  I wonder if it’s good we’re opposites in this regard and balance each other out or should I take a lesson?  Oh, no, now I’ve got one more thing to worry about…..Nap time and then I’ll get to work on this reboot thing…..Seriously, I need to as I’m still committed to the word….