The holiday season is a time when, for many of us, we like to support causes and groups that are close to our hearts. They are doing their part to make our lives better and our city safer every day of the year. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do something for these groups year round and without spending any extra money? Well, I had the privilege of attending a meeting where I learned about a company that has made this kind of giving possible; TAGG Omaha – Together A Greater Good.

TAGG, based in Omaha, was started in 2014 by women and continues to be run by women. Their mission is to enable anyone to support their favorite school, non-profit, or team without spending an extra dime. Businesses of all sorts participate in TAGG, including restaurants, boutiques, mortgage companies, coffee shops, delivery services, and a variety of retail stores. They are currently expanding the concept into the Lincoln area.

Here is how it works…Using TAGG’s smartphone app, you visit a local participating business, take a picture of your receipt, choose the cause you want to support, and the business will give 5% of your subtotal (before tax) to your cause of choice. Now, how easy is that!

is it easy to use TAGG Omaha app to give year round

Photo credit TAGG Omaha.

Let me walk you through the process…

Download the free TAGG app either from the App Store or from their website. Once on the site, click on the orange logo on the upper left hand side to find the participating businesses and causes, each listed in alphabetical order. I took the time to print out both lists, so it is easy to decide where to shop, eat, and do business and pick the cause you want to support.  There is also information on how to get your favorite cause included if it’s not already. And, f you own a business, you can learn how to get involved in this amazing opportunity to give back.

TAGG of Omaha makes gift giving easy year round

A couple things to keep in mind…All supporting businesses and causes are local to Omaha, so it is a great way to support local companies and give support to local causes. Next time you go out to eat, choose a restaurant from the TAGG list of supporters, enjoy your meal, and when the check comes, take a picture of it. You have one week to upload the receipt and choose your favorite cause. Once you do that, the business will give 5% of your subtotal to your chosen cause.

One last thing…Share the good feeling! Let your friends know what you are doing, so they can get involved and feel good, too. Knowing they are making a difference in their community not just at the holidays, but year round is amazing. Plus, you don’t have to spend any extra money and it is 100% risk free, because you do not have to provide any credit card or banking information in order to participate. It is safe enough that you can get your kids involved in the joy of giving back.

I would like to thank Hook & Lime Taco & Tequila restaurant for hosting our meeting last night. They are a TAGG participant and gave us a wonderful sampling of their “from scratch” menu using traditional ingredients in an “elevated” way. So worth a visit or 2 or 3!

does hook and line participate in TAGG Omaha

Let’s make giving back a part of our everyday lives in 2018. We all have a desire to help those in need, so here is an easy way to do it all year long and NOT spend an extra penny in order to make it happen.

Happy Holidays!