TriWivesClub Holiday Gift Guides.

Hopefully, you read the first day of our Holiday Gift Guide and we’ve got the creative juices stirring in you and you’re now thinking about what to get that special triathlete in your life. We’re not sure how many days we will keep the Guide going, but we have at least 20 more unique gift ideas to share with you. Perhaps our creative juices will keep flowing, too. Here’s a few more suggestions to get and keep you in the holiday spirit. Happy shopping!


1. If your triathlete is like mine, they spend a lot of time inside riding and running, especially this time of year, which means listening to a lot of music and watching a lot of movies. If their bike is not set up in front of a regular TV, they are probably using a computer or an iPad to watch movies and listen to tunes. I wanted to get something that would make the experience more pleasant for those 4 hour rides in the basement! I bought a Panasonic Wireless Speaker System (bluetooth) that is a docking station for the iPad and any smartphone. It has great sound for listening to those downloaded movies, charges the device, and is so easy to set up – I actually did it! I bought the SC-NP 10, but you can do your own research & see what else is out there.

what ideas go in a triathlete holiday gift guide

Panasonic Wireless Speaker System

2. Do a collage of pictures from various races and have it professionally framed. My sister did this for my husband last year and the quality is so good, I hung it in the living room.

what should be included in a triathlete holiday gift guide

Triathlon photos collage

3. How about a waterproof case for their smartphone or iPad? Lifeproof and Snow Lizard are two companies that make really nice ones. They range from simple cases to the Snow Lizard SLXtreme that is waterproof, solar powered, and battery boosting. You can even get cases that have a bike mount – as long as they don’t use it to read a book while they ride!!!!!

do you good ideas for what to include in a triathlete holiday gift guide

Snow Lizard SLXtreme Case

4. Are you tired 0f listening to your triathlete talk about food, race day nutrition issues, and race weight? How about I’m Paleo; now I’m vegan; now I’m going to eat like this pro; or I just heard this pro follows this diet….If this sounds familiar, give a gift that gives back to you, too; a nutrition consultation. We suggest starting with a general nutritional coach, then progress to diet-specific. If your triathlete has a trainer, they may already have a nutritionist working with them, so find this out first. If not, we have a few suggestions that we have either used or heard great things about:

  • Trismarter offers everything from a comprehensive dietary analysis to meal planning.
  • Friends have really liked The Core Diet and their sister triathlon partner, QT2SYSTEMS; real triathletes teaching about real foods.
  • If your triathlete is thinking of going Paleo or already has, Nell Stephenson is our go-to girl. Not only is she a Paleo expert, but she is a Kona AG qualified athlete.

    is a nutrition a good idea for a triathlete holiday gift guide

    Nell Stephenson, The Paleoista.

5. If your triathlete has been at this for a while, you probably know what foam rollers are or more likely, have one taking up room in the corner of your family room. If you’re a newbie, might as well get introduced. These sometimes tortuous devices, work to relieve muscle and joint pain and increase flexibility and range of motion. It’s like a self message, but not necessarily the good kind; you will hear moans and groans as it’s being used. We like the products from TP Therapy. You can buy individual products, such as triggerpoint therapy foam rollers or kits.

6. This gift is VERY inexpensive, but will probably be the most cherished of all, as it is personal and from the heart. Write your triathlete a letter telling them why you are so proud of them and what they have accomplished; how this lifestyle has affected you individually and the family; and why you support them in this effort. You can take it from here…….If you have children, they could also add their own letter to tell mom or dad why they are so proud of them. Now what parent wouldn’t like to receive this? Perhaps invest in some nice stationary to make it even more special.

what did you include in your triathlete holiday gift guide

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us what gift ideas you have as well, since we’re all in this together trisupporters!!!!!