We can’t believe it either, but we have managed to pull together a few more great gift ideas for you when shopping for that special triathlete. Don’t forget to check out Days 1 – 4 of the TriWivesClub Triathlete Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve done all price points here from under $100 to a weekend get away.

1. An absolutely great gift for every triathlete is any Park Tool Kit for his/her bike. You can buy starter kits to master tool kits. They actually have everything imaginable to work on a bike, including repair stands. These can be purchased at places like REI, but you will find every product online at Park Tools or to find a local store that sells the products. Last year, the bike stand and complete tool kit were favorite gifts in our house.


2. Kiehl’s has a great selection for either men or women. Our favorites include the Men’s Ultimate Refueling Set – This has a little bit of everything in it to keep your male triathlete happy and well-groomed. We love Kiehl’s and they have products to pretty much satisfy everyone. You can also find great gift packages for that female triathlete, such as the women’s Greatest Hits Collection, which contains smaller sizes of our favorite products to throw into those workout bags.

3. Don’t forget to check out your local tri, running, and bike shops. We love to support ours. Most are probably having nice sales on right now and would certainly appreciate your support. Plus, you get to get out there and actually speak with others in this great triathlon community instead of sitting at your computer. One nice gift to consider from them is a gift certificate for a professional bike fitting.

4. If your triathlete is new to the sport, you could opt for a gift card to either that local shop or a retailer on line such as Nytro. We realize this can be a personal choice for the triathlete, but it’s a nicely put together package at a good price point for all the gear you get. A big help for the newbie is also on Ironman.com, which has guides for what to buy for running, swimming, and biking.

5. Update: While this pass is no longer active, Rev3 has really great family-oriented races and have joined Challenge Family to give them a great expansion of races for next year. So, be sure to check them out. For all you Rev3 race fans out there and we know there are many, Rev3 offers an All Access Season Pass for $1200 that can actually be shared with friends and family. While it may sound expensive, this gives you entry into ALL of the Rev3 races for 2014.

6. Fitmark Bags have some really nice athletic, travel, and work bags for both men and women; nice quality and reasonably priced.

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Photo credit Fitmark Bags.

TYR also makes great travel bags and backpacks. We use both the carry on and the roller duffer bag. They have certainly seen a lot of wear and tear.

7. Dakine Skyline Mitts – These bright colored, waterproof mittens actually conceal gloves inside so you can unzip the outer layer and have access to your phone or music or even taking pictures.

8. This is a gift that is a bit for both of you. Your triathlete gets a tricamp and you get luxury accomodations and gourmet food. Literally, the best of both worlds. The Hotel Domestique in South Carolina is offering a Tune Up For Triathlon with Pro triathlete Anna Cleaver and Tour cyclist, George Hincapie, from Jan. 19-23. This is a gorgeous European style hotel located in the Blue Ridge Mountains and close to Greenville, SC. Besides the great room and food, you get tons of amenities related to triathlon training. It is only for 15 people, so register quick if this is for you.


Photo credit Hotel Domestique.

9. The Clean Bottle Runner is a bottle that opens on both ends with a removable nozzle for easy cleaning and comes with a an attachable pouch that carries a phone, cash, keys, etc.

10. How about an annual membership to Active Advantage? You get discounts on events, gear, and travel, plus access to exclusive discounts and giveaways. Active offers not only triathlon events, but also golf, swimming, tennis, running, etc. My triathlete actually registers for most of his Ironman events through Active.com. Advantage just gives you the perks with a membership.

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Photo credit Charlie Dog Boxer Company.

11. If you really want to get some apparel, Frank and Eileen have really great shirts for men and women. They carry the softest flannels and have really nice crinkly ones that don’t need ironing. Both my husband and I have them. TYR has some of our favorite non-training and racing apparel. A favorite gift for these cold winter days is a great swim parka. Every athlete wants one, but it’s not something they would probably buy for themselves. And, a note for the trisupporter – they are perfect to borrow on those cold, rainy race day mornings. Also, the best boxer shorts I’ve found are from Charlie Dog Boxer Company. They are so soft, come in great colors, on sale, and 5% of the proceeds go to animal rescue efforts.

12. Wondering what to do with all those race bibs? Bet you NEVER thought about coasters. Yes, I said coasters. Gone For A Run offers bib coasters to put them to good use.

Whew. That seemed like a long list. We hoped it helped.