Living a Life Done Well has long been a passion of mine. But doing it for less to save more is a priority. I call it living in luxury for less.

In no way has this ever meant giving up something I love or not buying organic or other priorities for me or my family. What it has meant is being smart, making decisions that make sense, and getting great deals without ever compromising. I am a deal gal and proud to say so.

Also, in no way does this mean not doing things or giving up big things. It just means finding ways to do it all for less. And living in luxury for less does not mean living less.

how to live a life done well by finding luxury for less

Taking time out to enjoy my life!

I’m sure many of you are feeling the same way right now due to how the COVID virus has impacted our lives. So, I’m happy to share what has worked for me over the years.

While there are certainly more than 5 ways to start living in luxury for less, it was important for me to start somewhere with these tips. These are big ideas and over time, I will dive deep into many of these areas as well as others. I will also share what we do with the money we save. I hope you find these get you started living your Life Done Well on less. 

5 Ways to Get Started Living in Luxury for Less

Have a Budget

Yes, have a budget. It does not matter how much money you make, you should always have a budget. Living in luxury for less means you have to know where you stand financially. Know where you stand each day, keep up on it, and review it weekly and monthly, making adjustments where needed.

making a budget helps you live in luxury for less

Do not just have a general budget with buckets of money. You need to break it down, have totals, and when you have extra money, know exactly where that money is going.

I will dive deep into setting up a budget in the future, but for now, do yourself a favor and review a few months of spending to help get you started as we’ll be building a budget around these numbers.

Price Check

I price check items I buy each month monthly and use at least three stores for comparisons. For example, on dog food, I price check Chewy, Amazon and PetSmart. Since I also make feed orders for the barn, I check the prices there if they carry the brands I use. Again, I do not change brands or compromise on the product, but I do check the prices.

Do not be afraid if you are store loyal to ask for the lower price at a local store or for a coupon at an e-retailer. But I advise setting the first weekend of each month aside to do your price checks. If you can get it for less why not! I have more price checking tips I will share in a separate article.

Ask If You Really Need It

Truth is we always think we really need something, but when we ask ourselves if we really need it, the answer is most likely a no. It comes down to wanting it instead.

I would say at least 50% of the things I look at on line or see in a store I do not need. There is a on-going joke around my house that if you need something go to mom’s store first. Chances are the price tags are still on them.

If you’re like me, this is especially important with items on sale. When I see a deal I buy it and this is one of my big problems. I often have to ask myself – I know it is a good deal, but does that mean I need it? Will I use it? Would I buy it if it weren’t on sale?

Shop Sales and Stock Up

This is a big place to save money. I have an organic home and often the organic need marks up our food costs by up to 30%. So, when I see something we use regularly on sale, I stock up.

It does not mean I am going to use it all up right away. For example, I know I use about 3-4 whole chickens a month. Last month, I found them at Aldi for $2.50/lb which is amazing. So, I bought them all! Yup – wiped the shelf clean. First, because it is a $4- $6 savings for me and second, because I rarely make it to Aldi.

Decide What Is Your Life Done Well

We are all in our own place. We all have different household income. We all have different lifestyles. And we all have different financial end goals. But the one thing we all have in common is the desire for a Life Done Well.

how to live in luxury for less

This is my idea of a Life Done Well!

But we all would love to live that Life Done Well for less. So, although number five on this list, it is the first thing you should think about and define. What does your Life Done Well look like?

While I know this is brief and there is a lot we will be digging into, I wanted to share this new section on our site with you…Living a Life Done Well for Less.

How will you start your journey living in luxury for less?