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One of my favorite quotes…

I AM A RUNNER.  I never thought I would be calling myself a runner for many reasons.  First of all, I am:

  • a busy mom of twins
  • a single mom all week while my trihubby commutes from Austin to Omaha
  • a wife who handles all travel and tri-related details for my trihubby
  • a dog guardian of three very busy and needy pups, ranging in age from puppy to senior
  • a real food provider of 4 meals a day, plus everything made fresh, including lunch everyday for a hungry group of high school seniors who find their way to my kitchen
  • a volunteer who somehow seems to not know the word “no”
  • an arthritis sufferer with two forms of arthritis, who was told by many doctors that triathlons and running were not option.  Thanks to Jeff Galloway and my wonderful coach and running group, I found a way.

One early morning (5:30 to be exact), I headed out with my running group on the coldest day we have had. As a result, our pace was about 30 seconds faster, because we felt so good and it warmed us up.  I know every bump and hole in the road, as we run it four days a week.  I saw the raised area and knew my foot would strike right in front of it, but we were fast and my toe caught it.  After four steps trying to upright myself, I went down just as our coach had taught us to fall; hands in front of the chest and head up to prevent head injury.  Lucky me, I bounced twice and ended up with a broken nose and eight stitches in my inner lip.

On the way back to the car, looking as bad as I feel...

On the way back to the car, looking as bad as I feel…

I was told no running for six weeks, which was worse to hear than the broken nose and cut lip.  I also developed several complications down the road, which necessitated more MRI’s, antibiotics, and specialty doctor visits.  Big UGH……Three weeks post fall, I drove by the spot and started crying.  Yes, super strong me crying in the car.  I convinced myself that I would never run again.  Oh, how we are good at psyching ourselves out.

Four weeks post fall - starting to look & feel more like myself...

Four weeks post fall – starting to look & feel more like myself…

Fortunately, true to the doctor’s prescription, six weeks later I was ready for my first journey back with the group.  I was not doing this alone.  We head out and my amazing group keep me preoccupied with funny stories and catching me up on what was going on in each of their unique lives.  It was an easy 3.5 mile day, but  I was worked up to be honest.  Who would have thought I would be so nervous and still have this fear of falling?  But, we were at the scene of the accident on Shoal Creek and I could see THE EVIL SPOT ahead. The group knew where the spot was, too, and as Katie says, curses the spot everyday; but not this day. Elizabeth starts the funniest story ever and all of a sudden, we are 1/2 mile past THE EVIL SPOT.  Wow, do I love these guys…..

Group selfie post run....

Group selfie post run….

Holy quads, I was sore the next day.  Granted, it should have been expected, as I had six weeks of doing nothing by doctor’s orders; no lifting over 10 pounds, no raising anything over my head, and not doing anything that would cause me to breathe heavy.  (I know where your minds just went)!!!!!  The release to exercise came just 15 hours before I was scheduled to head out for that first run. Whew!  Who did I call first from the doctor’s office?  No, it wasn’t my trihubby.  I got straight onto my GroupMe App and sent a message to my running group.  At that point, I  knew – I WAS A RUNNER – and committed to my group.

The big question now is:  Can I be ready in 3 weeks for the 1/2 marathon I registered for?