Recently, I was asked by a company if I would write a sponsored post about a Microliner. I was at first like, “Me, no way! I’m not old enough for that”. But, then I was like, “It has nothing to do with age”.  Besides, who am I kidding; I wear a panty liner everyday for bladder leakage to stay fresh. 

why i pack poise microliners in my luggage when i travel

There, I said it! Especially when I travel, between long flights, hiking and long days, I like carrying panty liners to stay fresh throughout the day. Well, once I got off my “we shouldn’t talk about this topic milk crate”, I accepted the sponsored post.
So, I must say yes, we are being compensated for writing this post, but this product changed my choice in panty liner products. Honestly. I now use Poise Microliners.
I hit the road often and almost all of my travel includes long travel days, dressing up for dinners, working out, and great hikes in new areas. I love to be active, but as I aged, came some bladder leakage. I started wearing panty liners a while back when running or hiking to help with protection. It was okay, but on longer runs, honestly, I would put on maxipads. I never truly felt fresh, but it was better than nothing. This has been going on for years.

About 3 weeks ago, I ordered my first box of Poise Microliners from Walmart. Something amazing happened that week and I mean, like why in the world are we not talking about this! I felt good, like so good. I finally bought my first pair ever of white jeans.

how poise microliners have changed my life

This is one of those times working with a brand really made a big difference in my lifestyle. During that first week, not only was I feeling fresher and more protected from the Poise Microliners, but I was feeling more confident talking about it. I asked other friends my age if they wore panty liners and I was surprised at the number of people who said yes. Knowing I was going to write this article and that honest talk was to happen, I had the confidence to talk about my light bladder leakage with friends and I was surprised how common the issue is.

So, today I will tell you the Poise Microliners are as small as panty liners to transport, but work 100 times better. Honestly. They are more absorbent and don’t have an odor. They are made for bladder leakage, not just a panty liner.

I was headed out that following weekend for a girls’ getaway with my daughter in Austin right after I started using the Poise Microliners. Instead of packing panty liners and maxipads, I just packed my Microliners. They were perfect for all my travel, everyday, and active needs.

how poise microliners fit into my active lifestyle

I literally have never felt fresher. Honestly! I even went back to Walmart to buy more.  Just so you know, you will not find Poise in the panty liner aisle, but with the bladder control products. It was suggested to me to try the lighter control product first. The Microliners were the lightest and they are perfect for all my needs. I would recommend the same!

It’s okay ladies. I broke free thanks to my fiends at Acorn, Walmart, and Poise Microliners and had this conversation.  You should, too!

Big thank you to those three for asking me to break free and actually talk about LBL.