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The start of a new year makes it easy to get swept up in the wave of sometimes aggressive, unrealistic resolution-setting. While I try hard not to get caught in the wave, I’ve had varying degrees of success over the years, until this year. Instead, I’ve opted to spend my time trying to live my best life, unhindered by guilt and BS. To accomplish this choice, I’ve selected resolution ideas that hopefully you’ll join me in committing to, all in the vein of self care!

Feeding My Soul – Reading a Book a Week

I’m an avid reader, but tend not to prioritize this hobby, which has always been a favorite pastime of mine. Historically, I usually binge read a few books every vacation and that has gotten me through. But in 2018, enough is enough.

I love to read and learn, and it’s so relaxing for me. So, I’m going to spend a few minutes reading each day, in the hopes of cranking through a book each week (on average). If you’re more of a podcast person, set a weekly podcast goal. If you love to read, too, set a reading goal. It could even be as simple as reading a couple of articles a week about topics that interest you.

Essentially, resolve to spend time every day doing something that feeds your soul, no matter what that activity is.

is reading a book a week a great way to living your best life

My February book lineup!

Healthy Lifestyle – Reducing My Meat Consumption

I’m not about the completely restrictive labeling of diets. I am about cultivating a healthier mind, body, and environment. For me, based on my own research and preferences, that involves embracing a “reducetarian” approach to eating this year. Basically, that means I am committed to reducing my meat consumption, no matter what that looks like.

It is an umbrella term that allows for a ton of flexibility, with none of the guilt or stringent guidelines attached to vegan/vegetarianism. According to, “Reducetarians set manageable and actionable goals to gradually eat fewer animal products.” If you want to learn more, check out their website or read The Reducetarian Solution.

Overall, resolve to eat in a way that makes you happy, healthy, and is sustainable for your own life.

what are some ways to help live your best life
Taking Care of My Home – Organizing Mi Casa

I do a good job with occasional mini purges, but I’m hoping to be more intentional with my home organization this year. For me, this just means that I need to work on keeping closets clean, staying on top of the laundry mountain, and getting rid of things we do not use, need, or love.

The Marie Kondo method is heralded as a great way to do this, so I may check that out for guidance. But, however I choose to accomplish this goal, I resolve not to stress myself out about it. I’m just trying to make my space a bit more relaxing and functional.

Basically, get/keep your home in order, whatever that looks like for you.

how are you living your best life with organizing your house

Photo credit House Beautiful.

As you can see, I’m setting some aspirations for 2018. My focus is on those things that make me happier without any of the guilt trips. I already feel more centered and focused into this new year and I’m not stressed about committing to these resolutions.

Cheers to being realistic with our time and intentions without any of the BS normally attached to new year’s resolutions. Happy 2018 to all!

What are you doing to live your best life?