is a getaway vacation a good way to decompress with a triathlete

During the off season, it’s often hard for triathletes to decompress. We think of it this way. For 10 or 11 months of the year, they dedicate 2-6 hours a day training (at least ours do). Then, add the prep time and downloading training time, reading triathlon magazines, looking on-line at the newest gear and everything else, and many hours a day are eaten up with triathlon “stuff”.

Now, all of a sudden, it’s off-season and the workouts are lighter and there are even days off. This all sounds good, right? Well, let’s assume that many triathletes have no idea how to fill the day with anything not related to triathlon. Then, add the fact that most have type A personalities and are REALLY serious about triathlons. Getting them to decompress and be part of the non-triathlon life can be challenging, to say the least.

what works well to decompress with a triathlete

So, here are five ways we have found to help your triathlete decompress and allow you to spend some time together. And, yes, we are assuming this is what you want to do!

5 Ways to Decompress with a Triathlete


Even if you’re not a fan of yoga, it is fun and good for you mentally and physically, so give it a try. Most everyone seems to recommend yoga for triathletes, too, as it has so many benefits like reducing stress and increasing blood flow and flexibility.

There is no need to spend a lot of money and head to the yoga studio to start out. Try one of the on-line programs or videos first. Gaia offers anything from 15 minute warm-ups to full sessions. You can choose from free classes to those that have small fees or monthly packages.Another free site we like is Do Yoga With Me. They are totally worth checking out.

Once you get into it, we do suggest attending a class or session. Many studios will offer your first month at a cheaper rate for unlimited classes or you just pay per class. You can even get fancy with paired yoga.

is yoga a good way for decompress with a triathlete

Well, it might not be for all of us…

Cooking Together

Life is so busy and it seems we never slow down. Why not introduce an activity that you would do anyway? We’re talking cooking! Yes, cooking…But, just don’t just prepare your regular dinner. Plan a fun meal. Get outside of your comfort zone and come up with a menu together. We suggest picking a theme like Japanese or Greek food. Plan your menu, pick up what you need at the market, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy the evening.

Non-Triathlon Activity

We know that most triathlon families are active families. Picking a non-triathlon activity for the family to do together is always fun. Think fun for all and adventurous. We suggest rock climbing, I-Fly, Laser Tag, Par-Core gyms, or any activity you would most likely not try in-season. There are also a lot of outdoor activities you could be doing even in the cold weather, like skiing, snow shoeing, or just going for a family hike.

is skiing a good way to decompress with a triathlete

Board Games

Sometimes we find ourselves wondering what to do with all the time we have together now and get lazy and just turn on the TV; not good! So, we decided to dive into the game cabinet. We took out a few of our favorites and have them right on the kitchen counter. Having them in front of us gets us to actually play them. Once a week, we rotate the games for variety. Some of our favorites are Blokus, Racko, Sequence, and Mexican Train Dominos.

Quick Getaway

Think about it…All of a sudden, you have your triathlete home Saturday and Sunday mornings. There are no long rides or long swims taking up the bulk of the weekend. Use that time to get away. It can be a trip to a local hotel with an indoor pool for the weekend or a quick road trip to see things you don’t get to in-season. Or, better yet, take advantage of some of the great travel deals and plan a long weekend away.

I just booked Jamaica for a 4 day vacation in January. It’s the one time of the year you don’t have to make sure the hotel has a bike to ride, someplace to run, and a pool for laps. You might just get your triathlete to sit on the beach and relax!

is a getaway a good way to decompress with a triathlete

What do you do with your triathlete during the off season?